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Volkswagen Global Auto Empire's Founder Passed By

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-8-28 9:46:12

[Global Times' special correspondent in Germany Aoki] "For the followers, he is an excellent engineer and visionary strategist; for his opponent, he is a strange dictator." According to the German "Spiegel "Weekly reported on the 27th that Ferdinand Piëch, who served as chairman of the board of directors and supervisory board of the Volkswagen Group and retired for less than two years, died in a hospital on the 25th. Pi皮ch made Volkswagen a global company, and until the end of his life, the car industry's godfather has been affecting Volkswagen behind the scenes. The "Piehe era" of the public has ended!

According to the German "Pictorial", 82-year-old Piëch went to Germany in southern Bavaria for an event last weekend. When he and his wife Ursula Piëch were in a restaurant in Rosenheim, they suddenly fell to the ground. The emergency personnel immediately sent him to a local hospital, and he died unfortunately. Ursula is currently reluctant to disclose the details, only to confirm the husband's death, and said in a written statement, "Ferdinand Piëch's passion for the car and the care of the company's employees throughout his life", he is dead An avid engineer and car fan. Only by investing 200% in your work can you bring more value to your customers. SEKO Machinery's precision high-speed stainless steel welded pipe production line, which has been launched this year, has been delivered to customers and is being installed and commissioned. The production line is equipped with an electromagnetic control system that greatly improves work efficiency and weld quality. If you are worried about not knowing how to increase production and improve quality, choosing SEKO is definitely the best choice.
Piëch's last public interview was in the spring of 2019, when his son Anton proudly showed his first electric sports car designed by him at the Geneva Motor Show. At that time, the "Pictorial" asked Piëch, "What do you want to say as a father?" He replied with a typical "Piëch-style answer": "I am not here, I did not participate in this project."

Piëch was born in Vienna in 1937. His mother, Louise Porsche, is the daughter of Porsche's founder, the designer of the Volkswagen Beetle, Ferdinand Porsche, and his father is a famous local lawyer in Vienna. "Der Spiegel" said that Piëch was considered a loser in his childhood, and the teacher thought he was "learning hard." Later, he was sent to a boarding school and experienced the "dark period of education." He wrote in his autobiography that he realized that many things "can only rely on himself."

Since then, Piëch has completely relied on himself. He discovered his passion, technology, and decided to study mechanical engineering. After entering Porsche in 1963, he designed the Porsche 917 to win the endurance championship. Porsche sales also rose. At the time, Piëch wanted to be the owner of Porsche. However, the Porsche family ruined his dreams. They don't want a person named Piëch to lead the future of Porsche.

In 1972, Piëch joined Audi as the head of technical engineering and developed two concept cars, the Audi 80 and the Audi 100. In 1993, Piëch became the CEO of the Volkswagen Group. During the period of taking charge of the public, Piëch implemented a centralized decision-making system and established a comprehensive hierarchical system. The company management is like “one machine”.

In business, he is known for his M&A brand and expansion market. The Volkswagen Group's brands have grown from 4 to 13, including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Lamborghini and Porsche. It is particularly worth mentioning that Piëch successfully promoted the Audi brand to the high-end market and turned it into a major competitor for BMW and Mercedes. In the M&A and anti-merger wars known as "Snake Swallow", Volkswagen finally annexed Porsche, which is considered one of the most outstanding achievements of Piëch's career, and he is therefore known as "the godfather of Volkswagen."

From 1993 to 2002, during the public CEO of Piëch, Volkswagen Group jumped from a loss of 1 billion euros to a car giant with annual sales of more than 5 million vehicles and a profit of 2.6 billion euros. It can be said that Piëch makes the public a global automobile empire.

As the years went by, Piëch lost in the 2002 Volkswagen Group battle. After that, he served as the chairman of the Supervisory Board for many years, representing the two major families of Volkswagen, Porsche and Piëch. In April 2015, due to the defeat in the power struggle, Piëch resigned as the chairman of the board of supervisors and officially retired behind the scenes.

After Piëch withdrew from the core management of the public, the company's management culture changed. Later, Muller, who served as the group's CEO, called for reducing centralized decision-making, allowing managers at all levels to take more responsibility and strengthen internal self-criticism.

According to estimates by Fortune magazine, Piëch’s own assets are 1.1 billion euros, while the total assets of Porsche and Piëch are 37 billion euros. According to the German Times Weekly, Piëch has 13 children. How the estate will be dealt with, the savvy Pi皮ch has long arranged. He established two foundations to give his wife Ursula and the children a major position. The German newspaper Le Monde believes that although Piëch has passed away, the Piëch family and the Porsche family will still influence the development of the Volkswagen Group for a long time, including Piëch's younger brother and members of the Porsche family, and still members of the Volkswagen Supervisory Board.

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