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Stainless Steel Tube Mirror Polishing Process And Method

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-9-4 9:51:36

First, grinding

   The polished stainless steel has a surface roughness of 10 microns. The section on the polishing process is summarized as follows: three processes: rough grinding, semi-finishing, fine grinding.

  The stainless steel mirror polishing process and process are described in detail as follows:

 1. Rough grinding, grinding the workpiece on three surfaces with a 600 abrasive belt. The purpose of this process is to remove the surface left by the steel strip and the bumps in the previous process. There are substantially no large scratches and bulges on the horizontal and vertical surfaces. The surface roughness of the workpiece after processing should reach R0.8mm. Pay attention to the angle of inclination of the belt conveyor and the pressure of the belt conveyor on the workpiece during polishing. In general, it is more appropriate to use a parabola as a straight line!

Most of the process uses composite louver discs. The structure of the composite louver disc combines the surface polishing material with the coated abrasive to remove rough surfaces and irregular shapes, which can achieve rough grinding and preliminary fine grinding.

 2. semi-finishing, using 800_ abrasive belt, according to the method of reciprocating grinding in the front, grinding the three sides of the workpiece, mainly to correct the gap appearing in the previous process, and further fine-grain the impression produced after the rough grinding. The marks left by the previous process should be polished repeatedly so that the surface of the workpiece is free of scratches and is basically bright. The surface roughness of the process should be R0.4mm. (Be careful not to create new scratches and bruises in the process, as these defects cannot be repaired in the subsequent process.)
This step generally uses a synthetic abrasive disc. The highly concentrated abrasive is distributed over a sturdy non-woven base material to remove the glare or burrs on the stainless steel surface for fine grinding and preparation for polishing.

 3. fine grinding, with 1000 as the goal, the goal of the process is that the joint between the grinding part and the unground part of the workpiece disappears substantially, and the surface of the workpiece is further bright. The workpiece ground by this process should be close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness of the workpiece should reach R0.1mm.

Most of the process uses a wool strip polishing disc. The wool strip has good flexibility and is easy to accelerate air flow cooling. It is suitable for polishing wax or paste to achieve the final procedure of the bright mirror-like metal surface processing.

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