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Announcement of 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Vacation

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-9-6 9:01:52

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. SEKO Machinery will be on holiday from September 13 to September 15, 2019 for a total of 3 days. If you have any questions about our products, such as smart insulation online bright annealing furnace, please feel free to contact us during the holiday!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. In addition to the Lunar New Year, this is the second most important festival in Chinese cultural traditions. On the 15th day of the lunar calendar every year, the moon will be rounded. In the Chinese concept, this symbolizes reunion and reunion. The family gathers to enjoy the moon, guess riddles, eat moon cakes, and so on. In fact, it doesn't matter what you do. What matters is that the family can be together, the happiest thing in the world.
When it comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival, you have to talk about its traditional festival food, moon cake. Moon cakes are one of the most famous Chinese traditional pastries, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday food. The shape of the moon cake is round, and it is shared by the family, which symbolizes reunion and embarrassment. Ancient moon cakes were eaten as a sacrifice on the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival began in the Tang Dynasty. At the time of the Northern Song Dynasty, it was popular in the court, and later spread to the folks. At that time, it was commonly called "small cakes" and "monthly groups." The development of the Ming Dynasty has become a common dietary habit of the whole people. Moon cakes are integrated with local customs and customs, and have developed moon cakes such as Cantonese style, Beijing style, Soviet style, tidal style, and enamel style, which are loved by people from all over the country. Mooncakes from different regions are made of different fillings to suit the tastes of people in different regions.

Welcome to China and experience our Mid-Autumn Festival!

Welcome to inquire us!
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