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The Other Surface Treatment of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-9-23 8:42:23

Stainless steel welded pipe surface polishing process is commonly used in stainless steel anodizing, stainless steel galvanizing, stainless steel chrome plating, stainless steel electroless nickel plating process, but because stainless steel in the production process, inevitably need to undergo annealing, normalizing, quenching, welding and other processing processes The surface often produces black scale. Oxide not only affects the appearance quality of stainless steel, but also adversely affects the subsequent processing of the product. Therefore, in the subsequent pre-plating treatment, it must be removed by surface treatment such as pickling, passivation, and polishing.

Common polishing includes mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and electrochemical polishing. The batch of glazing is the polishing effect on the surface of the part by the abrasive in the polishing agent, so that the surface is smooth and polished. After polishing, a mirror finish with a surface roughness of 0.4 μm or less can be obtained. Simple-shaped parts can be polished with hard-polished wheels or polishing tapes, and complex-shaped parts can be polished with soft-polishing wheels. Large batches of small parts are used in batches. Batch lighting also has methods such as roller rolling, vibrating machine vibrating finishing, centrifuge centrifugal lighting and rotating lighting. 

Mechanical polishing has a small amount of surface grinding and it is difficult to polish a rough surface. At this time, it is necessary to polish in advance, and use a polishing wheel and a polishing belt to grind the photoresist to perform grinding, which is divided into coarse grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. The surface roughness after finishing grinding can reach 0.4um. In order to achieve some other requirements, such as descaling, deburring, de-slaging, matting, etc., sometimes surface treatment such as sand blasting, shot peening and brushing with a wire wheel, the surface polished with a stainless steel wire wheel can be better Avoid iron pollution. Chemical polishing is to immerse the part in a suitable solution, because the solution dissolves on the surface convex part faster than the concave part, so that the surface is leveled for polishing purposes. In general, chemical polishing has a poor polishing ability and can only increase the brightness in a small amount. However, it is labor-saving, time-saving, and capable of polishing the inner surface of small parts.

Recently, it has also been reported that the surface of the 18-8 austenitic stainless steel can be thrown to the mirror surface by adding a brightener. But pay attention to the following points.
(1) The active surface is produced after chemical polishing, and the workpiece must be passivated to ensure corrosion resistance.
(2) For large-scale small parts such as brackets and screws, mechanical agitation should be adopted to make the polishing uniform.
(3) When polishing the large-area surface of stainless steel clad laminates, etc., pay special attention to keep the surface to be wet, and wash it thoroughly after polishing to prevent uneven surface brightness.

Electrochemical polishing can improve the reflective performance of parts; improve corrosion resistance; reduce the surface hardness of the workpiece; and reduce the friction coefficient by reducing the surface roughness. Electrochemical polishing can also be used to remove object burrs and the like. But because of the principle of protecting the environment. In recent years, in the field of stainless steel welded pipes, more and more people tend to choose mechanical polishing. SEKO Machinery's fully automatic stainless steel square tube outer surface polishing machine features a fully enclosed design and dust-proof device that helps manufacturers pass environmental assessments and maximizes high-efficiency production.

Compared with mechanical polishing, electrochemical polishing has the following characteristics.

(1) Mechanical polishing will produce a surface hardened layer and abrasive inclusions, reducing the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, while electrochemical polishing produces a passivated surface that increases the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

(2) Electrochemical polishing has certain requirements on the substrate. If the metallographic structure is uneven, uneven polishing surface will be produced, and deep scratches cannot be polished and smoothed. Mechanical polishing has a much lower requirement on the substrate.

(3) Electrochemical polishing is much easier than mechanical polishing for complex parts, wires, sheets and small parts.

(4) Electrochemical polishing is more efficient than mechanical polishing, but large workpieces cannot be placed in the polishing bath, and a particularly large current is required, making it difficult to perform electrochemical polishing.

(5) Electrochemical polishing of the workpiece surface current density must be uniform, if necessary, the use of pictographic cathode, otherwise the surface brightness is not uniform.

(6) The current is relatively large during electrochemical polishing, and the fixture and the workpiece need to have a large enough contact area and good contact, otherwise local overheating will burn the workpiece.

(7) Some of the austenitic stainless steel polishing processes cannot be used to polish martensitic stainless steel and are prone to corrosion.

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