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37 Accidents and One life, Uber Automatic Driving Accident, Is Automatic Driving Really Safe?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-11-8 10:04:27

Auto-driving is a hot topic in the current auto market. Both consumers and car dealers are expecting this function to come to us more quickly. Under the injection of capital, the news of the advancement of autonomous driving technology continues to come. But don't forget the price of this speed while seeing good news. Any technology or equipment needs to be tested and put into the market after repeated trials, because it is related to the safety of consumers. SEKO Machinery's servo motor driven inner weld leveling machine has been repeatedly tested and tested to obtain the best working condition, which helps the major welded pipe manufacturers to easily control large orders and ensure product quality.

Uber automatic driving accident, 37 accidents, one life, is automatic driving really safe?
Take the current UBER with better autopilot development as an example. Its problem was exposed by this fatal accident in actual test in 2018, but before the accident, it had 37 crashes in the past 18 months. accident.

The NTSB currently surveys all autonomous driving accidents to find out what advice might affect the entire industry to address autopilot software issues, or to advise regulators on how to monitor the industry.

Uber automatic driving accident, 37 accidents, one life, is automatic driving really safe?
The key to this fatal accident was the 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg who was killed while riding a bicycle through the streets at night. In a report released before the meeting, the NTSB said that Uber Technologies Inc.'s vehicle failed to correctly identify that she was a pedestrian crossing the road.
It is this accident that has caused people to worry about autonomous driving. It has set up a speed bump for this auto-driving carnival. Now it seems that autonomous driving technology is only one step away from maturity. A qualified and perfect specification must be formulated in advance. Later markets made strict restrictions.

After the accident, Uber suspended all tests until last December, when Uber resumed the use of revised software in Pennsylvania and introduced new major restrictions and safeguards.

Sarah Abboud, spokeswoman for Uber's driverless car project, said the company regretted the crash and noted that the company has "taken key procedural improvements to further prioritize safety. Question. We attach great importance to the thoroughness of the NTSB's investigation of accidents and look forward to reviewing their recommendations."

The NTSB reported that there were at least two accidents before, and the Uber test vehicle may not identify the road hazard. The NTSB said that between September 2016 and March 2018, there were 37 automatic collision accidents in Uber, 33 of which involved another car crash test vehicle.

In the event together, the test car hit a curved bicycle lane post because it was partially on the road of the car and it could not be distinguished. In another incident, although the operator controlled the vehicle to avoid a fast-reaching vehicle entering the driving lane, it eventually hit a parked car.

NTSB said Uber used the modified software to simulate the sensor data of the Arizona crash and told the agency that the new software would be able to detect 88 or 4.5 seconds of pedestrians before the impact. The car's system began to brake 4 seconds before the impact.

However, this is not the case in the actual experience. In the actual accident, the test vehicle does not correctly recognize the pedestrian in front until 1.2 seconds before the impact. This time is not enough to make any effective measures. Moreover, Uber's system does not take into account pedestrian traffic jams in the system design.

These are the problems exposed by current autonomous driving technology. Although the automatic driving technology is very convenient, such a degree of technology is completely inferior to a skilled human driver. We really hope to enjoy convenient technology faster, but we don't want it to be at the expense of life. No matter whether it is a driver or a pedestrian, it should not pay for the immature technology.

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