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2019 Double Eleven Taobao Orders Amounted to 268.4 Billion RMB

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-11-13 9:32:21

Economic Observer Network Hangzhou Report In the past 48 hours, a shopping spree of billions of consumers has been carried out. In the Ariba Brazil Creek Park in Hangzhou, the Dingsheng drum was occasionally ringed, and on the big screen of the media center, the number of the transaction amount continued to rise.

At 16:31:12 on November 11, the turnover of Tmall Double 11 exceeded the total turnover of 2118 billion in 2018. Since then, every beat of the numbers has set a record. Until the countdown at 24 o'clock, the number of 3, 2, 1... was fixed at 268.4 billion. The total transaction volume of the Tmall Double 11 Carnival was settled this year, which is a direct increase of 26% compared with last year.

New Record

"All unimaginable, will eventually become ordinary, we believe ‘believe’, everything is new.” This is written on the big screen. For this final transaction amount, the Economic Observer reporter asked on the afternoon of the 11th whether Tmall and Taobao President Jiang Fan had any predictions. At that time, he said, "From the beginning to today, there is no clear in my heart. In his view, the most important understanding within the team is not the size of the transaction. "The most important thing is that the Double 11 is becoming more fun." Although in different industries, SEKO Machinery appreciates it. This courage to dare to surpass yourself and constantly break through. Just as our industrial stainless steel welded pipe production line is constantly reforming the process, it has repeatedly broken through the industry's highest pipe production speed, making the weld processing technology perfect.

Tmall Double Eleven has now experienced 11 years of growth. Regarding the growth rate this year, talking about the core power source, Jiang Fan believes that with the obvious growth of the user scale, and the billions of scale subsidies offered by many brand merchants, Then through the consumption of shopping scenes such as the live broadcast of the big Taobao, “Let the consumers participate better and buy things in a better way.” He believes that the above three aspects make Tmall and Taobao make good results.

Before the zero point on the 11th, Jiang Fan was nervous inside. After sharing, he said a word "surprising". "I don't worry about the numbers, I worry about the moment when hundreds of millions of people come in at the zero point." Jiang Fan said that the moment was a huge technical challenge for the team. "It is a big training", the team is guarded by thousands of people. At that point in time, I hope to provide consumers with a natural and smooth experience.

In Jiang Fan’s view, the outbreak of the annual time point means that Alibaba’s technology has undergone tremendous progress, and team collaboration and organizational capabilities need to be greatly improved. “Double 11 is like an Olympics.” He told reporters that the platform and the merchants involved in it create a record every year.

In the early morning of the 12th, Jiang Fan gave a set of data, Taobao live broadcast in this year's double 11 all-day brought nearly 20 billion scale transactions, more than 10 live broadcasts led to over 100 million transactions. In his view, Taobao Live has become an important growth point for this year's Double 11.

Group Operations

During this year's Double 11 period, one of the words frequently mentioned by Ali Datao was “new consumption”. Jiang Fan gave his understanding: it represents the new consumer groups and platforms on the post-95s and 00s. The emergence of new supply and new consumption scenarios such as live delivery have formed a comprehensive concept of “new consumption”.

He stressed that in the process of promoting new consumption and stimulating domestic demand, Tmall and Taobao did not fight alone, but formed a relatively mature operating system.

Behind the surge in turnover, it means a massive increase in the volume of logistics orders. The economic observation network reporter learned from the rookie that in 2019, the Tmall double 11 logistics orders reached 1.292 billion in the whole day, setting a new record for the digital intelligence logistics, and at the same time it was regarded as establishing a new height of world logistics. .

For the past day, Alibaba Group CTO Zhang Jianfeng also believes that it is a test of Ali technology. Can support such a strong flow, in Zhang Jianfeng's view, this benefited from the cloud, while adding an important attribute in front of the cloud - on the "Alibaba Cloud."

Ali, who is in the double 11 this year, "is still a plane flying at high speed," Zhang Jianfeng said. "We have successfully replaced the new engine in this process."

The engine mentioned by Zhang Jianfeng is the base platform of the entire cloud announced at the 10th anniversary of Alibaba Cloud. Many people have no idea about the evolution of technology, and understand it in a common way. "Today you are killing, all of them are personalized, thousands of people, the data is not only big and needs to be real-time." Zhang Jianfeng also cited the rookie logistics system. Order data, "All data is operated on the flying cloud computing platform."

For the precipitation of Alibaba's technology, Jiang Fan also said, "We have achieved 100% of the cloud for the first time this year, and the whole system is running on the cloud." This is a remarkable breakthrough for him. Taobao and Tmall are in Among them is only a small part. Jiang Fan hopes that in addition to the big consumers who are more involved in consumers and more familiar, the eyes can be more invested in the technology and business teams in Ali's entire digital economy.

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