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Robots And Humans Debate the Dangers of AI, British Media: Humans Are Finally Convinced

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-11-27 9:45:07

Chung Ying Media said that an artificial intelligence system had recently debated with humans about the dangers of artificial intelligence-it persuaded viewers to believe that the advantages of artificial intelligence outweigh the disadvantages.

According to a report on the website of the New Scientist weekly in the United Kingdom on November 24, a robot developed by IBM-the "Project Debater"-debated on behalf of the pros and cons. Two human debaters. On the evening of the 21st, this artificial intelligence platform used the voice of an American woman at the Cambridge University Alumni Association to make an introductory statement to the audience, using the opinions from more than 1,100 opinions submitted by humans in advance.

According to the report, when the claim (advocating artificial intelligence to do more harm than good), the opening of the "Debater" plan was dark and ironic. It said: "Artificial intelligence can cause a lot of harm. Artificial intelligence will not be able to make a morally correct decision because only humans speak morally."

It also said: "Artificial intelligence companies still have a huge lack of expertise in how to properly evaluate datasets and filter out biases. Artificial intelligence will take human biases and solidify them for decades."

According to the report, artificial intelligence uses an application called "speech by crowd" to analyze the arguments submitted by people online, and then generate their own arguments. The Debater program then groups people's submissions into a number of key themes and identifies redundant perspectives-the same perspective with different wording.
According to the report, the artificial intelligence platform can be consistent during the debate, but there have been a few flaws. It sometimes speaks cymbals and does not provide specific examples to support its arguments.

TheWhen the counterclaim argued that artificial intelligence as a whole outweighs its disadvantages, the "Debater" plan states that artificial intelligence will create new jobs in certain sectors and "greatly improve the efficiency of the workplace.

But then it came up with a view that runs counter to its point: "AI can take care of patients, robots can teach schoolchildren—those fields no longer need humans."

Reported that the counterclaim won by a slight advantage, winning 51.22% of the audience votes. In fact, for some high-risk occupations or jobs with low creativity, simple and high repetition rate, AI to replace humans is an inevitable development trend. With the maturity of this technology, business owners will prefer to replace simple labor with AI in order to reduce operating costs and reduce risks. Just like SEKO Machinery's automated industrial stainless steel welded pipe production line, only one employee can take care of the equipment operation of two production lines at the same time, greatly reducing labor costs.

Reported that the "Debater" plan to debate with humans for the first time last year, it lost in a one-on-one battle with champion debater Harish Natalajan in February this year. Natalajjan also participated in the debate at the Cambridge University Alumni Association as the opposition defender.

IBM plans to use crowdsourcing speech artificial intelligence platform to collect feedback from a large number of people. For example, IBM engineer Nome Sloane said the government can use it to solicit voters 'opinions on policies, and companies can use it to solicit employees' opinions.

He said, "This technology helps to establish interesting and effective communication channels between decision makers and those who will be affected by the decision."

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