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The World's Largest Banknote Printing Factory Is in Bankruptcy Crisis, Is It Jack Ma's Fault?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-12-11 9:04:21

This is the butterfly effect of the new era on the old era, and the butterfly effect of the new industry on the old industry.

Now, I often go out and forget my wallet. Except for a few "special" parking lots that require cash, there is basically no business. I mean, including in rural areas, you don't have to pay with a mobile phone. After a complicated butterfly effect, our "no-money-all-light" behavior has finally led to the world's oldest and largest banknote printing plant falling into bankruptcy.

Of course this is just a joke. I believe that the RMB is not printed in the UK, so even Jack Ma cannot carry this pot. But it is true that the world's largest banknote printing company, the Delaru company in the UK, is facing closure. "Banknote Printing Factory" going bankrupt? This sounds like a paradox, and many netizens laugh at it online.

It is reported that De La Rue printed banknotes for 142 countries around the world. Almost a third of the banknotes in circulation around the world were printed in De La Rue. It also printed and even designed passports for many countries. According to the BBC report, the banknotes printed every week are stacked vertically and can be as high as two Himalayas. At its peak, Delaru's stock price had reached more than 1,500 pounds.

The reason why De La Rue is so trusted is that its printing security and anti-counterfeiting technology are recognized by global central banks.

How can such a powerful company fail?

Browsing related news, disturbing many business elements, including the loss of a new British passport contract, Venezuela's debt, etc. This is of course a risk facing commercial companies. But the key question is that in De La Rue's 198-year history, there have been more than just these business crises. How did this time reach the point of "issue of a bankruptcy warning"?

In fact, there is only one core reason: the cash business has decreased by 30%.

Most central banks print their own banknotes, and the world's commercial printing needs are only 11%. De La Rue reduced its banknote printing business by 30%, which means that De La Rue's traditional business model is already facing a lethal threat.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. De La Rue's fate has basically been locked: it is just a special branch of traditional manufacturing, but it is still traditional manufacturing.

The butterfly effect I said is true. Mobile payment has prevailed around the world. I am afraid that a large part of many central bank's money printing business lost by De La Rue is based on changes in the mobile payment business. The development laws of all industries are very similar. Without innovation and progress, we can only wait for the death. SEKO Machinery has 20 years of extensive experience in the stainless steel pipe industry. During this time, it has continuously innovated process technology and has always been a leader in the industry. Our self-developed electromagnetically-controlled welding arc stabilization system can not only stably improve the welding efficiency by 30%, but also improve the traditional problems of argon arc welding such as "bite" and "hump", and help our customers improve the solution during production The actual problem.

According to the news, the demand for cash in the world is actually increasing. However, the increase is only to meet the increase in demand for the productivity explosion, and it is not true that the use of banknotes is increasing.

Global mobile authentication applications are already changing traditional paper habits. The electronicization of passports will probably be realized in the near future. In fact, the demand for physical banknotes, certificates, and documents has gradually receded in the wave of electronicization.

Electronics is easier to save than paper products. It can be moved, encrypted, and cloud-based, and it can realize global arbitrary movement. This is a state that paper products cannot reach anyway. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly.

This is the butterfly effect of the new era on the old era, and the butterfly effect of the new industry on the old industry. I kill you, nothing to do with you.

But electronics is only part of the new industry's killing of the old industry. When Facebook ’s Libra plan was disclosed, the world ’s central banks were in close proximity to the enemy, precisely because even the old central bank system ’s gold standard system was already in jeopardy. People used blockchain technology to enter the currency generated by credit System, not the scarce resources tied to the state, as the basis of the monetary system.

So don't sing any elegy for De La Rue's dying, because a new death announcement is coming when the first note hasn't sounded yet.

We live in an era where revolutionary explosions occur every day, and the sun is new every day, so the old world is collapsing every day.

I'm not sad about the disappearance of De La Rue's company. Every alternation between old and new is accompanied by a series of death notices. But since we are all so eagerly looking forward to the coming of the new era, I have only one small worry: When we bid farewell to De La Rue, mobile payment and virtual currency, can they bring us a better world?

In other words: De La Rue has given us trustworthy and wonderful banknotes for so many years. Will these new people continue to guard us for security, anti-counterfeiting and hope like De La Rue?

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