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Congratulate! SEKO Machinery Awarded at Stainless Steel Industry Development Conference

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-12-18 12:01:06

Last week, SEKO Machinery was invited to participate in the 2019 Foshan Stainless Steel Industry Development Conference. At the meeting, our company introduced the current development trend of stainless steel water pipes. Through video display and data comparison, we demonstrated a series of advantages such as energy-saving, intelligent and environmental protection of SEKO Machinery's automatic stainless steel water pipe production line. We also learned about the current stainless steel water pipe industry. The development situation is greatly encouraged by the determination to create glory again in 2020.
Our servo motor-driven internal welding bead rolling machine and intelligent bright solid solution have won the title of "industry characteristic products". Mr. Xiao Yuanping was awarded as "Innovative Entrepreneur" and Mr. Lu Haihui was awarded as "Innovative Expert". Servo motor-driven internal seam leveling equipment is an innovative product that our company focuses on this year. It not only eliminates the need for redundant hydraulic cooling stations, greatly saves plant space, but also saves power and improves work efficiency by 30%.

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