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Hello, 2020! Welcome the New Year Globally and Enjoy the Fancy New Year's Eve

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-1-2 10:35:03

Starting today, the 21st century has entered its third decade. SEKO Machinery has spent a full load of 2019 and welcomed the new 2020 with a better look. In the new year, overseas markets are still our development direction. I wish our high-speed laser welded stainless steel industrial pipe production line can continue to bring high quality and efficiency to our customers.

Next, let's take a look, from the last night of farewell to 2019, to the day that symbolizes a new beginning, people around the world celebrate the New Year in different ways. Enjoy good food, good luck, watch fireworks, the world is so big, see which new year routines have played new tricks.
 On December 29, 2019, hundreds of Americans and tourists gathered in Times Square in Manhattan to watch the New Year's colorful paper rehearsal around the Rolling Stone Restaurant. On December 29, 2019, hundreds of Americans and tourists gathered in Times Square in Manhattan to watch the New Year's colorful paper rehearsal around the Rolling Stone Restaurant.

Australia is one of the countries that entered the New Year earlier. When the colorful fireworks illuminated the sky over Sydney Harbour, it marked the beginning of a series of New Year celebrations around the world.

High-temperature roasting and raging fire. Although there are about 270,000 people petitioning to cancel Sydney's New Year's fireworks event, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and the Sydney City Government insist on holding as usual.

On the evening of December 31, more than 100,000 fireworks were launched from different locations such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. They displayed shapes such as color-changing stars, painted window shells, etc., combined with soundtracks, pier projections, and special lighting effects to show the world A grand ceremony.

Hundreds of people will pour into New York's Times Square when the New Year's bell rings in Australia for more than ten hours. The most eye-catching focus in the night sky is of course the 5,000 kg crystal ball.

The crystal ball dropping ceremony has more than 110 years of history. The theme of this year's crystal ball is "goodwill and hospitality". Among the 2,688 pieces of triangular crystal, 192 pieces have been replaced with a new pineapple pattern. The pineapple itself is a symbol of enthusiasm and friendliness.

In addition, there are more than 3,200 LED panels in the crystal ball, which will bloom red, blue, green and white. At the beginning of the New Year's Eve, the crystal ball will rise, and when the midnight bell rings, the crystal ball will slowly fall with fireworks, New Year's paper and countdown.

[Pray for good luck, which customs are a bit familiar]

Good luck for the new year is a good wish for everyone. However, "ten miles are different, and thousands of miles are different." Due to different historical cultures, the ways of praying in different countries are not the same.

Similar to the Chinese tradition, the Italians have the custom of wearing red underwear to welcome the New Year. It is worth noting that red underwear is best a gift from someone else and it is thrown away the next day.

In sunny Colombia, wearing yellow underwear for New Year's Eve will be able to live a prosperous and happy life in the coming year.

Dragon dance and lion dance are commonly celebrated by the Chinese during the Spring Festival, but in the eastern part of Moldova, Romania, a "bear dance" is held every New Year, and people dressed as bears participate in traditional parades.

In Romanian culture, it is believed that bears can shelter the world and heal the pain. As a result, the "Bumble Bear Dance" became a unique sight during the New Year in the country.

[Touching the taste buds, there is a deep meaning behind the food]

The new year can start with a delicious meal. In the alternation of old and new days, there are no more unhappy in the past year, and don't betray your own appetite.

Japanese New Year's food is called "Oyster cuisine", which is usually packed in a square box, usually divided into three layers. From bottom to top, each layer of food has a specific meaning.

Herring roe and mullet roe symbolize multiple children and grandchildren; chestnuts appear golden and symbolize wealth; black beans have the same Japanese pronunciation as hard work, and encourage people to work hard in the new year. The hard lobster shell of the lobster stands invincible, and the bent posture means health and long life.

In addition, rice cake soup and soba noodles are also essential foods on the Japanese New Year table. Soba noodles literally means "over one year" in Japanese. It is said that the longer the noodles, the better the luck for the coming year.

[Alternative holiday can go here after the carnival]

Gourmet feasts, New Year's Eve parties, New Year's party ... Although these activities are lively, they will inevitably fall into the cliche. In some places, welcoming the New Year means accepting the challenge.

冬 Many countries in the world have winter swimming to celebrate the New Year. In the cold winter wind, the "cool and cool" sea water did not extinguish people's enthusiasm, but made many people like this "refreshing" activity.

Since 1903, Coney Island, New York, USA has held the "Polar Bear Diving" every year on New Year's Day. At about 1 pm local time on January 1, 2020, a group of adventurous swimmers will gather on Coney Island and rush into the cold Atlantic Ocean in winter. They may have numb toes, goose bumps and can't stop Shivering, but the smile on his face must be sincere.

If the winter swimming is not exciting enough, you can also go to the cemetery in Talca, Chile, to celebrate the New Year. Although it sounds somber, in fact, the cemetery is full of warm atmosphere.

Over 5,000 people visit the cemetery every year and want to celebrate the New Year with their deceased relatives. Some people silently miss their loved ones by the cemetery, while others will light candles and play classical music. Chileans say that this tradition, although a bit sad, can help them realize the value of life.

[Safe travel, don't take it lightly]

Compared with the wonderful scenes of previous years, this year's New Year celebrations in France are a bit overshadowed. The general strike that has lasted for nearly a month shows no signs of stopping. Most of the Paris subway lines are still suspended during New Year's Eve, and there is a lot of ground traffic.

Every year's New Year's Eve event is also a time of frequent accidents. It is expected that 250,000-300,000 people will gather on the Champs-Elysées in Paris this year. The French Ministry of the Interior will dispatch 100,000 police officers to ensure New Year's security.

The New Year holiday is also a period of high incidence of traffic accidents. Thailand is one of the top countries in the world for car accident mortality, especially during the New Year's Eve and Songkran holiday, so these two holidays are also called "dangerous seven days".

Safety is no small matter. No matter how you celebrate the New Year, peace is the best way to start the year.

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