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For Whom Is the New Coronavirus More Dangerous?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-6-30 16:50:18

For Whom Is the New Coronavirus More Dangerous?

Reference News Network reported on June 29 that German media said that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, there have been various speculations about why men’s illness is more serious after infection: is it because men are less health-conscious, smoke more often, and eat more difference? Or is it that some older people have unhealthy lifestyles, and in addition men often seek medical treatment late?

According to a report by the Deutsche Welle website on June 26, data from the research institute "Global Health Equality" confirmed that although women have the same proportion of new coronary pneumonia as men in more than 20 countries, the symptoms of men infected are usually more serious The mortality rate is also higher.

  Males are most at risk

reports that, of course, the patient’s past medical history is also a relevant factor. For example, men are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than women, and the rate of death due to disease is also higher than that of women. In addition, the age structure is also decisive: according to research by the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, in all ages up to the age of 70 to 79, the mortality rate of men is at least twice that of women. In the following age group, the death rate is more average; in the age group of 90 to 99 years, the death rate of men and women is reversed, and women are higher than men. The main reason may be that the elderly female population is more than the male population.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme II (ACE2) receptor may play an important role because it is a key receptor for diseases caused by coronaviruses such as new coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) .

According to a research report published by the Medical Center of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the concentration of ACE2 receptors in men is higher. Researchers discovered this gender difference when studying the association between ACE2 receptors and chronic heart failure. Researchers are currently investigating whether using ACE inhibitors as blood pressure lowering drugs will cause cells to form more ACE2 receptors, making the body more susceptible to infection. But this is currently only the theory of the researchers and has not been confirmed.

Reports that women have a stronger immune system than men. Because the female hormone estrogen in the female body can stimulate the immune system and resist pathogens more quickly and on a large scale. Male testosterone will inhibit the body's self-defense.

Virologists pointed out that from the symptoms caused by other viruses such as influenza or the common cold, it can be seen that the response speed and intensity of female immune systems to viral infections are basically higher than that of males. In this way, the joke "male flu" in people's mouth is actually scientifically based.

   Female immune system is strong

Reports that although women have a stronger immune system, they are also more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases, that is, excessive immune system reactions cause their own cells to be attacked-this is also one of the possible complications of the new coronavirus.

Furthermore, virologists point out that women based on "genetic factors" enjoy greater advantages. Because "some genes related to immunity, such as those responsible for identifying pathogens, exist on the X chromosome." Since women have two X chromosomes and men have only one X chromosome, women have an advantage.

Surprisingly, the Indian research report shows that the number of women who died of new coronary pneumonia was higher than that of men. The report points out that the overall mortality rate of female infected persons is 3.3%, and that of males is 2.9%. In the age group of 40 to 49 years old, the mortality rate of women is 3.2%, and that of men is only 2.1%. The majority of people aged 5 to 19 years who died of new coronary pneumonia were women.

Reports that researchers are actively studying the reasons behind it. It is speculated that the higher proportion of women suffering from new coronary pneumonia in India may be due to the fact that there are more local older women than men.

In addition, the health status of Indian women is relatively low, and women rarely go to the clinic for medical treatment. When they are sick, they usually take their own medicine first, so the timing of screening or treatment for Indian women is usually lagging behind.

At the outbreak of Spanish influenza in 1918, the proportion of female deaths in India was much higher than that of men. Women are more susceptible to infections because many women are malnourished and often stay indoors with poor sanitation and poor ventilation. In addition, the job of caring for the sick is usually undertaken by women.

  Children's symptoms are relatively mild

The report also mentioned that, unexpectedly, children are not a high-risk group of new coronaviruses. Most children with new coronary pneumonia have milder symptoms than adults, and many people have no symptoms. Since the outbreak, there have been a total of 8882 deaths in Germany, of which only 3 are under the age of 18.

Researchers have not yet found a sufficient explanation. Medical personnel believe that the innate "non-specific system" of young children has worked. The fetus receives initial immune antibodies from the mother, and the newborn receives specific antibodies from breast milk.

Innate immune mechanisms include phagocytes and killer cells. These white blood cells can attack all pathogens that invade the mucosa or skin. Such "passive immunity" is enough to protect young children until the body forms its own defense system. Children can develop specific immune abilities by about 10 years of age, and their immune systems will continue to evolve with new pathogens they are exposed to.

Reports that the age distribution of new coronary pneumonia is also significantly different from other infectious diseases. Children are often "infectious agents" of some infectious diseases because they can quickly spread the virus to the crowd.

But a study commissioned by the German state of Baden-Württemberg pointed out that the situation of the new coronavirus is different. This study is now used as an important argument, and the local government uses this to promote kindergartens and schools to resume normal operations as soon as they meet health standards and distance requirements.

As to whether the infectivity of children infected with new coronary pneumonia is the same as that of adults, it is still a subject to be studied. A widely discussed research report pointed out that the number of viruses found in the throat of children is the same as that of adults. Other international studies have reached the same conclusion.

However, the same number of viruses in the throat does not provide evidence of the same infectivity. The pediatricians and health specialists of the four professional associations have issued a statement saying that because of the milder symptoms of children infected with the new coronavirus, such as less cough symptoms, the number of people infected by them may be relatively small.

In fact, the virus treats all people equally. The safest approach should be to cut off the path of virus transmission. And gather the diagnosed people for treatment to isolate the risk of continued transmission. Therefore, during the rampant epidemic, as a company that attaches importance to employees, SEKO Machinery would rather bear economic losses than respond to the country's call and consciously stop production and stop production. Although the first half is difficult, we will not give up. Let us continue to bring you high-quality industrial stainless steel welded pipe machinery line in the second half of 2020. Please feel free to inquire!

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