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Lancet Article: Withdrawal from WHO Will Seriously Affect the United States

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-7-10 10:53:58

Xinhua News Agency, London, July 9th The US government officially informed the Secretary-General of the United Nations Guterres on the 6th that he will withdraw from the World Health Organization in July next year. The British medical journal "The Lancet" published a review article by several American scholars online on the 9th, saying that the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization will cause serious negative impacts on the security, diplomacy and influence of the United States.

Scholars from Georgetown University, Yale University, National Medical College, American Public Health Association and other institutions said in the article that WHO has unparalleled global coverage capabilities. It is actually difficult for the US government to truly align the United States with this international organization. The governance structure and related projects are “decoupled”. In the face of the virus, only countries around the world can unite and act together to effectively repel the virus. Especially when the number of confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 11 million, it is more necessary for all humanity to unite. SEKO Machinery is also closely monitoring changes in the global epidemic situation. Even during the epidemic, we still hope to provide you with quality products and services. In order to better serve customers, we have successfully developed a program that can connect our high-speed precision industrial tube mill line with the cloud. In the future, even if the equipment is thousands of miles away, our engineers will still be able to accurately grasp the actual situation of the equipment in a timely manner and minimize the operating error rate.

  These scholars say that many US agencies cooperate with WHO in key areas. Taking the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an example, the agency has 21 affiliated centers that have a cooperative relationship with WHO. Once this partnership is broken, it will affect the ability of the United States to develop influenza vaccines and other aspects. American institutions and pharmaceutical companies will no longer be able to obtain the latest influenza virus samples and related data from the organization for R&D. This situation also applies to the current development of new crown vaccines and drugs.

These scholars pointed out that if the United States does not participate in WHO's related cooperation projects, the American people's ability to obtain vaccine supplies may be limited; if the United States is not a member of WHO, the country's global health strategy to quickly respond to international disease outbreaks will also Affected because WHO has long tracked and responded to outbreaks of various infectious diseases worldwide.

  The article concludes that the health and safety of the United States and the world requires strong cooperation between the United States and WHO. "The United States cannot cut off relations with WHO without major disruption and destruction." Withdrawing the United States from the United States will leave the American people in a more insecure situation.

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