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TikTok: Australian Government Can View the Algorithm and Source Code Through Transparency Center

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-9-28 15:47:28

According to a Reuters report on September 25, TikTok told the Australian government that day that it would allow Australian government officials to review its algorithms and test the source code. It is a good thing for companies to attach importance to user information security. SEKO Machinery also attaches great importance to user information security. Our high-speed precision industrial tube producing equipment will be equipped with the Internet of Things to detect whether the equipment is operating normally. In the future, engineers can help customers solve subsequent maintenance problems without leaving home.

   TikTok Australia branch executives attended the meeting of the Special Committee on Foreign Interference in Australian Social Media on the 25th. They submitted formal written documents to the Australian government and stated that the Australian side can go directly to the TikTok Transparency Center in Los Angeles or Washington to view the algorithm and source code. According to Reuters, TikTok will provide the code that recommends content to users to relevant agencies for review.

  According to the information on TikTok's official website, all experts from all over the world can directly go to the Transparency Center to obtain TikTok's transparent report, and review TikTok's content review methods, application policies and technologies. The Transparency Center was originally scheduled to open in early May, but it was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic. However, visitors can obtain information about the Transparency Center through a virtual experience.

   TikTok Global Chief Security Officer Roland Cloutier (Roland Cloutier) attended the meeting via video connection. He said: "The code will be made public to regulators, governments and commercial entities, allowing them to access and test our code."

   In answering the Australian Commission’s question, Clautier also stated that the source code used by TikTok is not the same as the source code of Douyin in China.

   The report pointed out that TikTok only registered the company in Australia last year, and two of the company’s three directors are ByteDance executives. TikTok Australia general manager Lee Hunter (Lee Hunter) said that he only knows that the deal between TikTok and Oracle is in progress, but he does not know the details.

   The negotiations surrounding TikTok are still inconclusive. Earlier, according to TikTok’s statement, TikTok, Oracle, and Wal-Mart have initially reached a “California on the Cloud” cooperation plan. According to this plan, Oracle will become TikTok's partner in data security compliance. The two parties will carry out data security compliance cooperation similar to Apple’s “Guizhou on the Cloud” in China, without involving technology and algorithm transfer.

   But Trump later threatened that American companies must fully control TikTok, otherwise they would refuse to approve the agreement.

   On September 21, Bytedance responded to Oracle's review of the source code. Bytedance said that Oracle has the authority to check the source code of TikTok US, showing that the source code is a universal solution for multinational companies to face local data security concerns.

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