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After 9 years, the USA Completed A Commercial Manned Space Mission Independently Again

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-11-17 16:27:58

[Text / Observer Network Zhang Xuanhao] At 19:27 on the 15th, US Eastern Time (08:27 on the 16th, Beijing time), four astronauts took a SpaceX rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to fly to the International Space Station. This time the "Dragon" spacecraft will carry three American astronauts and one Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station. The mission is named "Crew-1".

The NASA live broadcast showed that at 19:27 Eastern Time on the 15th (08:27 on the 16th, Beijing time), the manned "Dragon" spacecraft was lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida by the "Falcon 9" rocket. After 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the rocket separated successfully. Subsequently, the first stage of the rocket successfully landed on the Atlantic Ocean. About 12 minutes after launch, the spacecraft separated from the rocket and continued to fly to the International Space Station.

The launch mission was originally planned to be carried out on the 14th, but the launch was postponed to 19:27 on the 15th Eastern Time due to weather. This is the first conventional commercial manned space mission of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft after completing its first manned test flight in August this year.

According to the plan, the spacecraft will automatically dock with the space station 27 hours and 32 minutes after launch, that is, approximately 23:00 on the 16th Eastern Time (12 o'clock on the 17th Beijing time). The astronauts will stay on the space station for 6 months.

As the space shuttle was retired in 2011, NASA had to purchase seats for Soyuz rockets from the Russian Space Agency for the next ten years. However, due to the rapid deterioration of US-Russian relations in recent years, NASA began to seek to design and build a new-age carrier spacecraft on its own, and SpaceX's "Dragon" spacecraft emerged in the end. NASA hopes that the "Dragon" spacecraft can provide an American-made launch vehicle to enable astronauts to enter low-Earth orbit and end their dependence on Russia.

In the future, this mission called "Crew-1" will be the first in the next series of routine missions, and the "Dragon" spacecraft will be responsible for carrying astronauts to and from the International Space Station in the future. task.

Unlike Soyuz, which can accommodate up to three astronauts, the "Dragon" spacecraft can send up to seven passengers into space. Although the exterior design is still similar to the traditional "Apollo" spacecraft, the interior of the "Dragon" spacecraft has undergone a lot of modern upgrades, such as sleek white interiors and touch screen control panels and more humane seats. SEKO Machinery's stainless steel industrial  pipe making machine tube mill is continuously upgraded and improved with the user experience. With the continuous development of science and technology, people's lives have also changed. Technology is created by humans, but where will it eventually lead us?

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