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What Signals Did the Last WHO Press Conference in 2020 Reveal?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2020-12-30 16:03:30

"This week, it has been exactly one year since the WHO received the report of'unexplained pneumonia'", WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the December 28 epidemic briefing.

On December 28, local time, the WHO held its last epidemic briefing in 2020. At the meeting, Tan Desai reviewed the WHO's efforts to fight the epidemic in the past year, and at the same time called on global unity to continue fighting the epidemic. In addition, many WHO officials have issued warnings that there may be a pandemic that is more serious than the new crown epidemic in the future, and the world must be prepared for this.

The global epidemic continues to ferment. According to WHO statistics, as of the afternoon of December 28, Central European Time, the total number of confirmed new crown cases worldwide is approaching 80 million, and the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 1.76 million. Recently, the mutated new coronavirus has been discovered in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and it has spread to many countries around the world, causing anxiety.

What did the WHO say at the last outbreak conference in 2020?

  Focus 1: Working with the UK and South Africa to deal with the mutant virus

At the opening, Tan Desai reviewed the work done by WHO in the past year, including declaring the epidemic as a “public health emergency of international concern”, establishing the “Accelerator for Access to New Crown Tools” and “Global New Crown Vaccine Program”, etc. .

He said that “WHO is working closely with experts from all over the world every day” to “understand all the changes that have occurred in the virus, better understand the pathogenicity and transmission principles of these changes, and the existing tests, treatments and vaccines. Impact". He emphasized that "only when countries attach importance to and effective testing can detect the mutation of the virus and adjust response measures."

Among them, he specifically mentioned that WHO is cooperating with experts from the United Kingdom and South Africa to respond to the mutant new coronavirus, which will be an important reference for formulating the next epidemic prevention plan.

Tan Desai said that in the past year, the cooperation between WHO and experts from various countries is "historical cooperation", which has accelerated the development of new coronary pneumonia detection, treatment and vaccines. He also stated that “it is necessary to ensure that countries will not be punished for transparently sharing new scientific discoveries” and that the epidemic should not be politicized, but instead “focus on the top priority of speeding up scientific research and saving lives.”

At the meeting, American doctor Dan Barouch also said that through cooperation and transparent sharing of information with experts from multiple countries, the teams of experts from various countries participating in the cooperation have achieved important scientific research progress. He emphasized that scientific research and international cooperation should lead the fight against the epidemic.

   Focus 2: A more serious pandemic may emerge in the future

According to a report published on the United Nations website, senior WHO officials warned that the world is not fully prepared to fight a major outbreak and that a more serious pandemic may emerge in the future.

Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, said that the new crown epidemic is serious and is still spreading rapidly around the world, but it is “not the most serious type. This virus is highly infectious and can also cause death, but The current case fatality rate is lower than that of other emerging diseases," and "the next pandemic may be more severe." He warned that the epidemic "sounded the alarm."

Bruce Aylward, a senior adviser to the World Health Organization, also said, “This virus tells us that we are not ready yet...We are entering the second or third wave of epidemics, but we are still not fully prepared to deal with all this.” . SEKO Machinery is also paying close attention to the development of the epidemic situation at home and abroad. The arrival of the epidemic not only disrupted our original plan, but also affected our team's plan to assist new users in installing stainless steel automotive exhaust pipe production lines. But everything is moving forward. We are also looking for solutions. In addition to actively applying for vaccinations, we also provide users with online guidance to assist their teams in completing installation and commissioning tasks.

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO's technical leader on the new coronavirus, also said that as the epidemic continues, more mutations of the new coronavirus will be discovered. But she also pointed out that most of the mutations found so far have little effect on the infectivity and severity of the virus, and not all mutations are important.

   Focus 3: Vaccines cannot guarantee the eradication of the virus

According to a report published on the United Nations website, at the meeting, experts pointed out that vaccination does not guarantee the eradication of the new coronavirus.

Ruian pointed out that the new coronavirus is likely to continue to affect the global population, and we cannot "blindly expect to eliminate the virus". "Even if the vaccine is highly efficient, it cannot guarantee the complete elimination of the epidemic. We still face great obstacles." He pointed out that the new coronavirus may become an endemic virus in the future.

South African expert Professor Quarraisha Abdool Karim said that although vaccines offer hope, the development of new detection and treatment technologies is also essential.

WHO Deputy Director-General Soumya Swaminathan (Soumya Swaminathan) pointed out that people who have been vaccinated still need to take the same precautions as those who have not. British expert David Hyman said that vaccines are "a life-saving tool" that will "enable us to learn to coexist with the virus."

   Focus 4: Accurate blocking is the right solution

British expert David Hyman expressed a negative attitude towards the theory of herd immunity.

He pointed out that although there is a saying in the world that “when the infected population reaches a certain proportion, herd immunity can be obtained”, but evidence has proved that early blockade and fixed-point blockade are effective prevention and control methods. He also stated that the expert team will “continue to insist on providing recommendations based on scientific evidence”. He specifically pointed out that "Asia is the leader in implementing targeted blockade measures."

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