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Guangdong Shunde SEKO Machinery&Technology Co.,Ltd——Travel

Source:Jack Time:2016-7-22 17:33:10

July 16-17, 2016, Guangdong Shunde SEKO Machinery&Technology Co., LTD was found in 2016 ushered in the annual travel, after the screening, the final location to determine in Qingyuan, route of Beijiang river cruise adventure - gold creek waterfalls, cowboy valley five-star canyon rafting, Paula's wonderful world of Paula's glacier water.

Beijiang river cruise, lunch on the first day in Beijiang river boat, yacht, lunch, enjoying the kawakaze bring comfortable, slowly and enjoy the present.

Adventure - gold creek waterfalls here surrounded by green trees, landscape, even if the July sun warm, light green trees still provides us with a myriad of cool and refreshing, with streams flowing downwards from time to time, water is clear, here, some laughter, SEKO mechanical counterparts here, each partner has and streams together.

Cowboy valley five-star canyon rafting, SEKO mechanical appeared to have an unwritten "habit", every year there are drifting the tourism project, the project team interaction is very good, drift is not in the same place every year, but this year the drift is one of the most interesting, mountain spring, rafting clear channel design is very creative, the v's screams, the voice of the skeet, water waves rushing sound, the challenger, union these words appear in SEKO mechanical journey.

Sen BoLa wonderful world - a caught sight of a variety of mobile games, wanton of sending out the vitality of the breath, calling SEKO partners to join, here, have a rotating flying chair, pirate ship, bumper cars, merry-go-round, ferris wheel, roller coasters, and terrible haunted house, the intermittent shrieks and laughter filled with the wonderful world.

Paula's glacier water - here is a paradise for men, this is the show is ladies, countless, swimsuit, bikini show itself the temptation wet, made waves pool in enjoying the water waves of pleasure, enjoy the hot water in the hot spring pool touch, SEKO machinery friends enjoying the "water" the source of our life bring us happiness!

The SEKO mechanical journey of qingyuan is introduced here!Did you feel the joy which SEKO mechanical partners!

SEKO machinery is the enterprise culture construction to the company that has been sparing no effort, not only to make the company's tube machine, leveling, intelligent annealing technical equipment has made them champions of a free industry, let each partner feel warm from SEKO this big family, we are family!


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