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Common fittings for both piping and plumbing(5)

Source:Lucy Xie Time:2016-7-25 17:06:20

9. Plug

A plug closes off the end of a pipe. It is similar to a cap but it fits inside the fitting it is mated to. In a threaded iron pipe plumbing system, plugs have male threads. Some of the popular types of plugs are:

 (1)Mechanical pipe plug

 (2)Pneumatic disk pipe plug

 (3)Single size pneumatic all rubber pipe plug

 (4)Multi-size pneumatic pipe plug

 (5)Multi-size flow-through pipe plug

 (6)High pressure pipe plug

10. Nipple

A short stub of pipe, usually threaded steel, brass, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) or copper; occasionally just bare copper. A nipple is defined as being a short stub of pipe which has external male pipe threads at each end, for connecting two other fittings. Nipples are commonly used for plumbing and hoses, and second as valves for funnels and pipes.

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11. Barb

A "barb" or "hose barb" fitting is used to connect flexible hose or tubing to pipes. A barb fitting typically has a male-threaded end used to mate with female threads. The other end of the fitting has either a single- or multiple-barbed tube having a tapered stub with ridges, which is inserted into a flexible hose to secure it. An adjustable worm drive screw clamp or other type of clamp is often added, to help to keep the hose from slipping off the barbed tube. Barb fittings can be made of brass for hot water applications, while plastic may be used for cold water; brass is considered more robust and durable for heavy-duty use. The barb fitting can be either elbow-shaped or straight.

12. Valves

Valves are equipment designed to stop or regulate flow of any fluid (liquid, gas, condensate, stem, slurry, etc.) in its path. Valves are categorized depending on their applications like isolation, throttling, and non-return. Various type of valves are available depending upon the type of construction as follows:

 (1)Gate valve – used for isolation only

 (2)Plug valve – used for isolation only

 (3)Globe valve – used for throttling

 (4)Butterfly valve – used for isolation as well as throttling

 (5)Check valve – used for preventing reverse flow (non-return)

 (6)Diaphragm valve – used for isolation as well as throttling

 (7)Ball valve – used for isolation only

 (8)Needle Valve – used to control flow rate to a desired amount

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