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Zackberger’s parliamentary testimony released

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-4-12 16:11:32

"I was wrong. I am very sorry! I founded Facebook and I run Facebook. I take full responsibility for my fault." 33-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, the most influential social media company in the world The testimony testimony of the House of Representatives was released today. As predicted by the outside world, he will cover Facebook with false alarms, foreign interference in elections, hate speech, misuse of funds and other errors. Seko Machinery insists to upgrade our technology, in order to improve client's using experiences. Titanium alloy welded pipe production line helps seamless pipe manufacturer to produce high-quality products.

Zuckerberger’s participation in the hearings in the two houses and the two houses in the next two days not only affects the future of Facebook, but also whether the members of the legislature will supervise and regulate social media platforms that are increasingly influential. This is the focus of attention of all parties. In today’s testimony, Zuckerberg’s statement is not different from last week. He said that Facebook is a company that embraces ideals and optimism. Since the establishment of this platform, Shanshan Nian has promoted interpersonal communication, the public’s voice, and founding community. Examples of groups include the #MeToo campaign, the move to survive, the collection of 20 million relief funds for Hurricane victims, and 70 million companies to explore business opportunities.

But Facebook missed the job and did not do enough preventive work to prevent the wicked from using this tool to do bad things. "You can't just be interpersonal, and this statement must not harm others," Zuckerberg said, sounding through the Facebook platform, but the remarks must not hurt others or spread false messages.

It takes time for these preventive measures to take place. Zuckerberg promised to “do the right thing.” He also put forward a list of tasks for safeguarding the global user’s funding.

Zuckerberg's testimony details the origins of this outflow, and the personality psychology software developed by Aleksandr Kogan, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, used more than 300,000 Facebook users and agreed to share some of the individuals and their friends. Resources, during which time, Janggen gained information on tens of millions of people.

In 2014, in order to prevent similar applications from being abused, Facebook enhanced control. Similar software developed by Sakamoto was no longer able to obtain information from users' friends. In 2015, Facebook was informed by the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. The assets he had previously acquired through the application software were shared with Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg said that this violates Facebook’s policy of “prohibiting software developers from sharing information without the consent of the parties”. Facebook not only removes the root of the application software from the Facebook platform, but also requires the analysis of Yugen and Cambridge. The company deletes improperly obtained information. "They finally did it," but Zuckerberg said last month that Cambridge did not remove all information as promised, even the book immediately suspended their Facebook rights and cooperated with the Office of the British Information Commission on Cambridge analysis. The company investigates.

Zuckerberg’s seven-page testimony also elaborated on Russia's intervention in the 2016 US presidential election, and the face-lifting of Facebook. Representatives of social media including Facebook and Twitter acknowledged during the parliamentary testimony last year that “troll farms” manipulated by Russian domain administrators during the 2016 elections interfered with elections by buying advertisements or controversial topics.

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