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Why does Zuckerberg's Congressional inquiry have attracted worldwide attention?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-4-14 9:56:24

In these days, Facebook CEO c was being roasted on fire, because of the unshirkable platform responsibility for the 87 million user's information disclosure to Cambridge Analytics. On April 10, Zuckerberg participated in a joint hearing of the US Senate Justice and Commerce Commission and was fully consulted about data privacy and false information problem. SEKO SGL series Zhi Jin type bright anealing solution equipment adopts  DSP+IGBT power supply and air cooling structure, which is safe, reliable and low-cost. 
“We discovered that we had been promised a utopia area of science and technology. This was called Facebook's mixing glass and was mixed with impure things.” The questions thrown out by lawmakers actually poke the concerns of Chinese users today: Users can Can not completely control their data? Authorize third parties How to ensure privacy? Can a minor's privacy be favored? How does artificial intelligence improve algorithmic ethics? A list of questions actually constitutes a comprehensive questionnaire on the era of the algorithm and the Internet platform. It can be said that this hearing has transcended the business model and technical ethics and surpassed the country.

At the hearing, Zuckerberg responded with a push, and he apologized and promised. Face Book promises that in order to prevent leakage from happening, the platform will be locked down at the same time. Retrospective investigation will be conducted to see if there is a similar situation in the past. In the future, the rights of user data will be more respected and the necessary controls on the platform will be recognized.

Regulatory voices are rising, and the world is hot and cold. Just recently, Baidu's CEO Li Yanhong caused a temptation that caused "China users willing to use privacy for efficiency." Looking further ahead, Alipay's sesame credit defaults to checking the authorization turmoil caused by consent, and then to the hotel platform and travel software suspected of “big data killing”, data and privacy anxiety are spreading. Taken a step further, even if people admit that profitability is a company's nature, the data used is a free "cost", but data security is "priceless", people will not condone personal data "run naked", can not tolerate the infringement of personal data security . Does the platform use personal data and can it maintain a "minimum"? When the data is open to third-party applications, can it be securely locked down from scandals such as Cambridge analysis? People expect clear boundaries and strict management.

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