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Japan's manufacturing is losing reputation? Japanese media: inspection talents are exhausting nowday

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-5-7 9:41:30

May 6 reported. Japanese media said that a few days ago, Japanese companies tampered with detection data and other scandals, and various companies are actively strengthening the management system, demand will continue to increase, but due to the "mass generation" (born 1947-1949 baby boomer Population, retirement, etc., and quality management personnel are depleted. Since this is an area that requires many years of experience, it takes a long time to nurture talents. The shortage of quality management talent may become a stumbling block to maintaining the credibility of Japanese product manufacturing. Technology of Seko machinery will help you to manufacture stainless seamless pipes with reliable quality. High speed weld bead rolling machine will work with high perfomance and stable quality.
According to the "Japan Economic News" website reported on May 2, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan released on December 30, 2017 effective recruitment rate data (that is, the ratio of demand and job seekers - Ben Wang Note), The general shortage of quality management experts has surfaced.

According to reports, according to statistics from Recruit Career, a Japanese talent agency company, as of December 2017, the rate of recruitment for experienced people in the quality management and assurance field has reached 1.35 times, 0.31 percentage points higher than three years ago. According to the comparison in December of each year, the highest since 2008 that started the investigation.

Among them, the demand for automobiles and home appliances in Japan is outstanding. Some analysts believe that the background is the quality management scandals such as Nissan Motors and Kobe Steel. Some analysts said that "especially talented people aged 30 to 40 are outstanding," and there is a huge demand for talented people who can work long hours.

"We hope to further strengthen social recruitment." Mr. Oyama Akira, who will serve as the next president of Alice Ojama, will, in an interview, consider the quality management talents who are obviously in short supply as subjects.

According to the report, Japanese companies eliminated defective products through pre-supply commodity inspections, and if they discovered defects after they were introduced to the market, they had been responding quickly through measures such as compensation. We also take a positive attitude towards the acquisition of environmental certification "ISO14001". But the shortage of professionals responsible for quality management will shake the foundation of this product manufacturing.

The report also stated that in addition, the structural problems that may lead to the shortage of Japan's chronic quality inspection talents are constantly emerging.

According to the report, one of them is the retirement of the senior class. The "Japan Science and Technology Alliance" advancing the quality management movement pointed out that "There are many experts in the generation of systems and work processes in the high-speed growth phase of the Japanese economy. However, they are now more than 60 years old." The "Block Age" has entered the age of 70 since 2017. Although there are many people who participate in the work through reemployment, the labor participation rate in the 70-year-old is falling rapidly compared with that before.

The report also pointed out that another issue is the stagnation of Japanese university research. Prof. Nagata Yang of the University of Culture and Education, which is familiar with the field of quality management, stated that "In the Department of Engineering of the National University, the overall research system for quality management of learning has not been fixed." Since the 1990s, Japan’s production bases have been relocated overseas. There is a lack of scholarship to study quality management between companies and students.

If senior talent retirees, few young talents can come and go, companies can only cultivate themselves. However, there are only a few companies that build this autonomous cultivation system. According to a survey conducted by the Japan Science and Technology Alliance, the companies that responded that the investment in quality management education in 2015 was less than 0.01% of sales amounted to 37% of the total, which was a significant increase from 21.4% in the 2006 survey.

Professor Nagata said, “For the quality management department, it is indispensable to increase efficiency through AI, etc. It is also necessary to promote the cultivation of experts with high experience value”.

According to the report, if the status of the shortage of quality control personnel is ignored, the credibility of Japanese product manufacturing will be lost.

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