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British Wants a "New Partner" after Britex

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-9-18 10:18:26

Reference News Network reported on September 18th British media said that in the process of Brexit, the final flow of international funds, talents and technology will determine the success or failure of this world-class breakup, which will naturally affect people's wallets. What impact does the UK's Brexit have on its investment, study abroad and immigration? What is the impact of the latest Brexit progress? SEKO Machinery totally supports “Belt and Road”, which helps us to spead our High speed weld bead rolling machine, with technology coomunication and improvement.
According to the report, the British government set a keynote for Brexit after the referendum decided to leave the European Union: Britain is always a European country and continues to maintain close ties with the EU. The EU has finally realized the importance of the UK: European Commission President Juncker said that it will maintain close ties with the UK after Brexit. After the UK officially leaves the European Union on March 29, 2019, the UK will always be the EU. Political, economic and security aspects "a very close neighbor and partner."

According to the report, after the British decided to leave the European Union for more than two years, London's status as one of the international financial centers was not replaced by the German-speaking Frankfurt and the French-speaking Paris. On the contrary, huge amounts of international funds represented by Asian investors have poured into the UK market such as London.

In addition, the UK is currently one of the hot spots for Chinese students to study, invest and immigrate. However, the significance and influence of China-British relations are far from being limited to these smaller areas. In the fields of economy and trade, nuclear power plants, etc., major capital and technology projects are still in the initial stage.
According to the report, as the earliest Western countries that responded to China’s initiative to support the “Belt and Road Initiative” and drive a large number of countries to join the AIIB, the UK’s attraction to Chinese institutions and individual investors has not only been reduced because of Brexit, but in the past two years. It is constantly increasing. The Central European trains from China and across Central Asia and the European continent directly connect Zhejiang and London, opening up a safe, fast and efficient land trade channel between China and the UK, which is important for the construction of the “Belt and Road”. Significance: This channel is shorter and faster than shipping time.

A senior executive of the Central European train has said that it would be faster and more efficient if it was not the time of the EU's customs clearance in Central Asia.

According to the report, this is one of the reasons why British people who have always advocated free trade demand to leave the EU: If there is no EU tariff barrier, the UK will be more convenient to establish direct trade relations with other countries in the world.

The report said that while strengthening the ties with the eastern countries including China, the United Kingdom is also using its various diplomatic and cultural influences to expand its relations with other countries in the world. Perhaps, the current slogan, goals and visions of Brexit will require the final test of time and practice.

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