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5G Spectrum Auction Cited

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-10-10 9:57:34

After the 5G first edition international standard is determined, countries around the world are stepping up research and development of 5G to seize a new round of mobile communications market. As an advanced Industrial Tube Mill Manufacturer, SEKO Machinery also pay attention to seize every chance we could meet.
“5G development, spectrum first.” Spectrum, as the basic resource for 5G development, has always been the focus of international attention. At present, 5G auctions in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea are in full swing. According to Taiwan's "Business Times" website reported on October 9, recently, the United Kingdom, Spain and other countries have held the first wave of 5G spectrum auctions, to attract telecom operators to participate in the bidding. In order to seize the opportunity of the 5G network market, various industry players have set off fierce competition, which has prompted the total bid amount of many countries to be as many as several times the estimated amount.

According to the report, the bidding of network spectrum licenses by telecommunications companies has long been the practice of laying out the mobile network market. However, the recent competition for 5G spectrum auctions is particularly fierce. The reason is that 5G networks claim to be significantly faster than 4G networks, and the business opportunities are even larger.

According to reports, the 5G spectrum licenses auctioned by the South Korean government in June this year attracted a total of $3.3 billion in bids from telecom operators. The Italian government's auction of 5G spectrum licenses in October also attracted large-scale European telecom operators such as Telecom Italia and Vodafone to bid $7.6 billion.
The United States will also hold the first wave of 5G spectrum auctions in November. Although some people in the industry still question that the speed of 5G network will not be much faster than that of 4G network, the pace of layout of 5G market by telecom operators has not stopped. In the next three months, US telecommunications companies will pilot the first wave of 5G network services in a few cities.

Steve Blythe, head of the French spectrum operator's Orange spectrum strategy department, said: "The industry can't provide mobile network services without a spectrum license."

However, this wave of 5G spectrum bidding has also criticized the local government. For example, Italy, which just ended the first wave of 5G spectrum auctions last week, the government divided the 200MHz spectrum of open bidding into two large blocks and two cell blocks, each of which contains 80MHz spectrum, and each block contains 20MHz spectrum. The Italian government requires telecommunications operators to choose one of the blocks to bid. Since all telecom operators want to win large blocks, the total bid amount for this auction will reach 6.55 billion euros (about 7.6 billion US dollars), more than double the estimated 2.8 billion euros in the tender announcement by the Italian government.

According to the report, 5G development is very important next year. As telecom operators have been deployed from backbone networks to metropolitan area networks and access networks this year to achieve low-cost bandwidth expansion targets, the “5G commercial” deployment will enter the sprint phase in 2019. Application examples will appear in areas such as telescopes, large-scale Internet of Things and automatic vehicle control.

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