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Pacific Island Countries: We Are All Overwhelmed, Only China Concerns about This

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-11-23 10:20:45

This year's APEC meeting was held in Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific. During the meeting, foreign media noticed a phenomenon that although there was a major issue that was “disregarded” by Western powers, it received China's attention – this is the climate. Change and development issues. In fact, curbing global climate warming should be the responsibility of human beings around the world, and this is one of the future directions of SEKO Machinery. Our thermal insulation intelligent bright annealing equipment is constantly improving the technology to increase production capacity, but also pays attention to reducing energy consumption and reducing emissions, achieving cost control and environmental protection.
Reuters reported that for many Pacific island countries, rising sea levels are forcing people to move to higher places, and climate change and development have become an important security issue.

According to research by the Australian Loy Institute, sea level rise and extreme weather events in the Pacific region will exacerbate existing development concerns and pose a “survival” threat to low-lying island nations.

However, according to Reuters, at the APEC meeting, the topics of concern to these island countries were marginalized to some extent.

More precisely, it is "disregarded" by Western powers. In June last year, Trump insisted on letting the United States withdraw from the Paris Agreement. His attitude towards climate change has also been tough and stubborn; Australia has adopted a low-key attitude on this issue. These all worry the Pacific island countries.

However, Reuters reported that climate change is an important part of the collective meeting between Chinese leaders and leaders of Pacific island countries that have established diplomatic relations with China.

Chinese leaders said that China attaches importance to and understands the special concerns of the Pacific island countries on climate change issues, and will provide assistance to the island countries to the best of their ability to promote the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and promote global green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

Sea level rise has led to the flooding of residential houses in some Pacific island countries, which has led to the flooding of residential houses in some Pacific island countries.

Foreign media previously reported that China will carry out 10 low-carbon demonstration zones, 100 mitigation and adaptation climate change projects, and 1,000 project cooperation programs for climate change training in developing countries in accordance with China's commitment to address climate change.
The international media pointed out that the Pacific island countries generally believe that China is really concerned about them compared to the indifference of the United States and Australia. The Australian media has also called on China and New Zealand to strengthen cooperation with China in assisting Pacific island countries because China has technical knowledge in renewable energy production and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Pacific island countries highly value China's leadership in sustainable development and climate change, and are willing to strengthen communication and coordination with China in multilateral affairs.

In fact, in addition to giving Pacific island countries confidence in China's help on climate issues, cooperation in infrastructure and other aspects is also very grateful to these countries.

According to the article, in some aid projects, many Chinese aid workers who are far away from home work side by side with Samoans. As part of their technical assistance, they also pass on many professional skills to Samoans.

The local media in Papua New Guinea also affirmed China, saying that China expressed its appreciation at the APEC meeting that developing countries should be treated equally by developed countries.

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