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US Black Fridat Sales Reached A High Record of $6.2 Billion, But It Is Far Less than Double 11

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-11-26 9:31:16

On November 23, local time, the United States ushered in the annual "Black Friday" shopping carnival season.

The US e-commerce giant Amazon, the third-largest stock market in the world, has achieved a “record” level of sales this year. It took only 9 hours to exceed the number of merchandise sales last year. Compared with last year, SEKO Machinery's performance has also increased compared with last year. Due to leading industry technology and reliable product quality, we not only stabilize the domestic business share, but also continue to expand overseas business. This year's new bright solid solution equipment used with stainless steel laser production lines has been favored by all customers since its launch.

However, the Forbes business magazine website in the report on the 23rd has poured a basin of cold water:
"Compared with China's Singles Festival, the 'Black Five' is only a fraction."

"There is only one king of e-commerce," Forbes said. "Amazon is higher in market value than Alibaba, but in terms of transaction volume, Chinese competitors have dwarfed it."

The report quoted Adobe's data as saying that the total online sales of the US on the "Black Five" day will reach 3.5 billion US dollars (about 24.3 billion yuan), and according to past experience, the Amazon family accounts for half of that, that is, 1.75 billion US dollars (about 122 Sales of 100 million yuan).

(According to the observer network query, Adobe Analytics data shows that as of 10 am on the 23rd of the US East, "Black Five" online sales reached 643 million US dollars, about 4.47 billion yuan. Adobe expects "Black Five" on the same day Sales are expected to reach $6.4 billion, or about 44.5 billion yuan.)

"Forbes" said that it is fair to say that the US "Black Five" sales will gradually increase in the next two or three days, but even if the transaction amount is added together, Amazon's performance is only Alibaba's performance. a small part.

This year's Alibaba "Tmall Double 11" data: 21 seconds turnover exceeded 1 billion yuan; 2 minutes 05 seconds over 10 billion yuan; 1 hour 47 minutes 26 seconds, breaking through 100 billion yuan; 22 hours 28 minutes 37 seconds, Reached 200 billion yuan. In the end, the double eleven-day trading was rated at 213.5 billion yuan (about 30.8 billion US dollars).

As of the observer network, it is already the morning of the United States local time on Saturday (24th), but neither Amazon nor the US media or research institutions have released the complete sales data of the "Black Five" day. According to Bloomberg News, Amazon announced on the afternoon of the 23rd that consumers' purchases in the "Black Five" reached a "record level": in just 9 hours, Amazon sold more products than last year, and its customers bought About 1 million toys and 700,000 fashion items.

On the day of "Black Five", Alibaba reached the top five global market capitalization

A more dramatic scene is that in the wave of US stocks led by US technology giants, Alibaba reached the top five global stock market values on the “Black Friday”.
On the 23rd, the three major stock indexes in the US stock market all hit the worst performance of the “Black Five” in 2010. At the close of the US stock market on Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 178.74 points, or 0.73%; the S&P 500 index closed at 6352.56 points, a decrease of 0.66%; the Nasdaq Composite Index closed at 6398.98 points, a decrease of 0.48. %. US stocks FAANG five major technology stocks closed down.

However, Alibaba slightly rose. At the close of trading on Friday, the stock price was $150.33, which was $0.92 higher than the closing price of $149.41 on the previous trading day, or 0.62%, and the market value was $386.638 billion. Therefore, it surpassed Facebook and became the fifth largest technology company in the US stock market.

Amazon's stock market value has touched $100 billion on September 5 this year, and the current market value is still 734.46 billion US dollars.

Today, between Alibaba and Amazon, there is only one Google.

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