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Gene Editing Baby Events: Don't Let Superhuman Worry Come True

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-11-30 9:35:09

Driven by the pressures and interests of strong commercial capital operations, scientists should keep their initial minds instead of blindly seeking scientific research that can only attract attention and do more harm than good. SEKO Machinery strongly agrees with this view. Each of our products (such as the newly introduced full air-cooled internal weld leveling equipment) needs to be based on the theoretical design, repeated component design, testing and commissioning installation, and finally production and launch.

On November 26, He Jiankui, an associate professor of biology at the Southern University of Science and Technology, announced that a pair of genetically edited babies named Lulu and Nana were born in China in November. When the news came out, it caused a great uproar in public opinion.
"Gene Editing Baby Experiment" violates academic ethics

As early as the "Ethical Guiding Principles of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research" promulgated in China in 2003, it was clearly pointed out that blastocysts obtained by in vitro fertilization, somatic cell nuclear transfer, parthenogenesis or genetic modification have their in vitro culture period from fertilization or nuclear transfer. No more than 14 days from the beginning; at the same time, no one may implant the human blastocyst obtained from the previous paragraph into the reproductive system of a human or any other animal.

In other words, it is illegal to implant embryos for more than 14 days in vitro and even implant embryos for scientific research into the reproductive system. Moreover, it is illegal to use not only genetically edited embryos to establish pregnancy development in China, but also in most parts of Europe.

At this point, there is no doubt that He Jiankui seriously violated the academic ethics and academic norms of the life sciences.

Some people may ask, a simple genetic editing operation, if it can really cure the disease, can there be any ethical problems?

This has to mention the final predictions of Hawking in his new book, A Short Answer to Future Questions, a few months ago. In the future rich class, there will be "superhumans" who have been genetically edited. They not only have better physical fitness and longevity than ordinary people, but may even be above ordinary people with both memory and IQ.

Therefore, once this gene editing technology is matured and passed legal and ethical review, it will put tremendous pressure on the lives of the civilian class who cannot access the genetic editing technology resources, and may even cause disaster to this ethnic group.

Even more frightening is that the modified gene is bound to be passed on to the descendants of the twins. This is equivalent to dumping a new species of small fish in the pool of the human gene pool, which will have an immeasurable impact on the human gene pool after generations of expansion.
Scientists should keep their mind and reason

The clinical research of gene editing technology has huge loopholes in the review process, and there is a huge unknown potential risk at the scientific level. At the same time, this study does not have the necessity to implement the existing AIDS patients' reproductive plans.

He Jiankui, an associate professor who has left the Southern University of Science and Technology and the legal representative of many biotechnology companies, should not be dazzled by the temporary impulse of scientific research and the operation of commercial capital behind it. Embryo genetic editing differs from IVF in that it rewrites the genetic code and uses two children as experimental products for biotechnology, allowing them to grow with unknown risks and may become a victim of this booming technology at any time. This eagerness to achieve is also likely to destroy the development of genetic technology.

At the same time, under the pressure and interests of strong commercial capital operation, scientists should keep their initial intentions, adhering to the rationality that a scholar should have, rather than blindly seeking such scientific research results that can only attract attention and do more harm than good.

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