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Focus on G20: Create Development Opportunities and Share Development Results

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-12-3 10:00:40

The G20 summit mechanism born after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008 can be described as "a decade of grinding a sword." In the face of the current slowdown in global economic growth, uncertainties and risk factors in the development of the world economy, and the current situation of unilateralism, protectionism, and counter-globalization trends in the international order, can the G20 summit mechanism not forget its original intention and play again The role of macro-coordination and cooperation led to a high degree of attention. Not forgetting the original heart, it is the purpose of SEKO Machinery. We always adhere to the customer experience and recommendations to continuously improve the product structure and production process. It is this insistence that the domestic market share of the double-push weld bead removing equipment is as high as 80%, and has won the praise of the guests.
The Arab News website, based in Saudi Jeddah, said that this may be the "most important G20 summit" since the London summit in 2009 to address the global financial crisis.

The Australian G20 coordinator David Gru wrote that the summit is facing a huge challenge. "We no longer live in a world where all major countries agree on key multilateral agreements and institutions, such as the 'Paris Agreement'. Goals 'and the World Trade Organization, etc.'. Gru is very pessimistic, but also very much hopes: "When (people) need it most, the G20 summit will work," because "it is more like a friend in the 'bad weather' situation, rather than 'the weather is fine 'Time friend'.

Reuters analysis pointed out that 10 years ago, the "unity situation" that countries showed in the face of "economic disaster" only existed in the "rear mirror." It means that the ambitions of the politicians in the G20 summit mechanism have already become a cloud in the past.

However, in the past, they are all prologues.

The disaster caused by the financial crisis in 2008 is still vivid: the International Monetary Fund lowered its 2009 world economic growth forecast from 3.8% to minus 1.3%. In order to save the global economy, the G20 actively coordinated the fiscal stimulus of various countries and obtained a loan increase of 235 billion U.S. dollars through multilateral development banks and financial institutions, avoiding the prevalence of economic policies and protectionist measures during the Great Depression. And build yourself into the "main forum for global economic cooperation."
As the largest developing country and G20 member, China played a major role in the global financial crisis: ensuring that its economy did not have major problems internally, and by strengthening positive structural reforms to enhance economic competitiveness; Open market initiatives. Since February 2009, China has procured more than RMB 15 billion (US$2.2 billion) in Europe to stimulate trade and investment activities.

In the G20 leaders' summit, China has always been the main force to promote and adhere to multilateralism, carry forward the spirit of partnership, and seek win-win, win-win and win-win in open cooperation. Chinese President Xi Jinping has participated in five summits since 2013. As the head of state of the rotating presidency, he presided over the 2016 Hangzhou Summit.

At the past five G20 summits, Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that countries should build an "open world economy" and resolutely "oppose trade and investment protectionism" because "world trade has expanded and countries have benefited. The world market has shrunk, No benefit to all countries." He also called on countries to "continue to be the global standard bearer of free trade, maintain the multilateral trading system, build a mutually beneficial and win-win global value chain, and cultivate a global market."

At the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, President Xi Jinping advocated and actively promoted the G20's transformation from the past crisis response mechanism to the long-term mechanism of global economic governance, emphasizing that “in today's economic globalization, there is no isolated island” and “coordination” Cooperation is an inevitable choice. The "partnership spirit" is the most valuable asset of the G20. "It is also the choice of all countries to jointly meet global challenges."

Looking back on the G20 decade, people look back at the summits and their themes in the “mirror mirror” and the challenges they need to face. It is increasingly felt that this year’s Argentine summit needs more “coordination and cooperation” than ever before. The spirit of cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win partnership."

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