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Sino-US Trade Closed War Boosts Global Market, Investors Are Optimistic

Source:Iris Liang Time:2018-12-5 10:12:34

Reference News Network reported on December 4 Foreign media said that the Chinese stock market Shanghai Composite Index closed up 2.6% on the 3rd, creating the biggest one-day gain in a month. Analysts said that after the Sino-US trade negotiations achieved progress and the stock index futures trading margin was lowered, the market opened sharply on the 3rd. Market sentiment has rebounded sharply, and individual stocks have shown signs of capital entry. International trade stocks, technology stocks, brokerage stocks and venture capital stocks led the gains. Economic globalization and the complementarity of national productivity are inevitable because it is the optimal allocation of productivity in various countries. SEKO Machinery has been focusing on the high-end stainless steel industrial welded pipe production line for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience and leading position in the industry. Our products are extremely cost-effective and are a must for global industrial welded pipe manufacturers.
A shares rose sharply

According to Reuters reported on December 3, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2654.80 points, up 66.61 points or 2.57%; the biggest single-day gain was 2.7% on November 2nd. On the 3rd, Shanghai A-share turnover was 187.6 billion yuan, compared with 111.9 billion yuan last day.

"Today's market is mainly affected by the staged progress of Sino-US trade negotiations, mainly because of the positive news." Ji Xiaoyu, chief market analyst of Pacific Securities, said that the timing and magnitude of the short-term adjustment of the stock market is relatively full, in many aspects. Under the influence of comprehensive factors, the market has rebounded, but the height of the rebound cannot be overly optimistic for the time being.

He pointed out that this year's Sino-US trade dispute is an important factor affecting the market. The gap in the opening of the index on the 3rd is large, which is a full response of the market to the positive news. However, despite some progress in trade disputes, there is still some uncertainty, which makes it difficult for institutional funds to continue to do more. The nature of the market is still only a rebound.

Most of the players in the market have already seen the adjustment trend of peaking down. Therefore, the market has now evolved into a stock market. It is difficult for the market to continue to lead the hot spot, and the market outlook cannot be overly optimistic.

Asian stock market rose

According to a report by the Associated Press on December 3, analysts said that the South Korean stock market rose sharply to its highest level in six weeks on the 3rd as the US-China trade truce increased investor sentiment. The South Korean won has sharply strengthened against the US dollar.

The benchmark Korea Composite Index rose 35.07 points to 2131.93 points, or 1.67%. This is the highest point the index has reached since its closing at 2161.71 on October 22.

According to a Reuters report on December 3, Asian stock markets rebounded on the 3rd after the US-China leaders negotiated a trade reconciliation to relieve the global economic outlook and provide a booster for emerging markets.

According to the report, Aussie Bank economist Joe Masters said: "The market opens with a condition that enhances risk appetite, but time will tell us how long this optimism will last."
She added: "But for now, both sides can claim to have won. Perhaps not meaningless, it will provide at least one window for the major Republican states to export soybeans."

Oil price rebounded

According to reports, Robert Rennie, a foreign exchange analyst at Western Pacific Bank of Australia, warned: "The more difficult structural issues such as compulsory technology transfer are still unresolved. Therefore, the US-China Trade Agreement is described. It would be more appropriate to make a 'micro-breakthrough'. It is not so much a comprehensive policy agreement as to let trade tensions be suspended."

According to the report, investors chose to adopt an optimistic attitude and pushed the Australian dollar against the US dollar by 0.7% to 1 Australian dollar to 0.7357 US dollars. The exchange rate of the Australian dollar against the Japanese yen with a safe-haven function rose by 0.8% to 1 Australian dollar to 83.70 yen. The US dollar index, which is based on a basket of currencies, weakened to 97.136, but the dollar strengthened against the yen to 113.79 yen. The euro exchange rate rose by 0.1% to 1 euro against 1.1330 dollars.

The report said that the progress of Sino-US trade and the weakening of the US dollar may provide some support for commodity prices. As global supply exceeded demand, the oil market experienced its weakest monthly performance in more than 10 years in November this year, with oil prices falling more than 20%.

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