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Chang'e 4 Realizes the First Man's Landing in the Moon Back, and Returns the First Moon Back Image

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-1-4 9:47:15

At 10:26 am yesterday, the No. 4 landed successfully on the back of the moon and passed back to the world's first close-up image of the moon through the "Queqiao" relay star. This is the first time that a human detector has landed on the back of the moon, and it has achieved relay communication with the Earth for the first time. SEKO Machinery has developed new products. According to the actual problems encountered by customers, we have developed a large-diameter pipe black annealing machine. We want to provide efficient and convenient production equipment for the majority of business owners.
The landing site was in the von Carmen crater in the Antarctic-Aitken Basin near the east side of the Moon at 177.6 degrees and 45.5 degrees south latitude.

The Lunar 4th Lunar Detector was launched on December 8, 2018 with the Long March 3B carrier rocket. The relay star "Queqiao" was launched on May 21, 2018.

From the 4th to the 4th, after 380,000 kilometers, 26 days of long flight, on the 3rd of January, the 4th entered the lunar preparation track 15 kilometers away from the moon.

Yesterday morning, the No. 4 began to descend from the 15 km from the moon, and the detector quickly adjusted its posture 6 to 8 km from the moon.

At 100 meters from the moon's surface, hovering began to identify and avoid obstacles on the lunar surface, and it took less than 30 seconds to find a safe landing site.

Then slowly descended vertically, with the help of the reverse thrust engine and the landing buffer system, the Chang'e 4 successfully landed on the back of the moon.

At 11:40, the No. 4 lander acquired the image of the moon back and passed it back to the ground. This is the first picture taken by the human detector on the back of the moon.

This is the third time after the lunar landing of the Chang'e III in 2013, China once again explored the moon, and it is the back. China has also become the first country in the world to complete a soft landing on the front and back of the moon.

A successful soft landing on the back of the moon is just the beginning, and the fourth is a more important task.

She carried a low-frequency radio detector developed in the Netherlands, a neutral atomic detector developed in Sweden, a lunar neutron and radiation dose detector developed in Germany... She will explore the treasure under the moon, perform astronomical observations, and measure the solar wind in the moon. The role of the table, observation of the lunar topography and minerals, study the environment of the moon back...

In addition, the No. 4 also has a major task - planting grass, the moon micro-ecosystem, to cultivate life on the desolate moon.

On the 4th, the No. 4 carries an ecological cycle simulation tank, which includes potatoes and herbaceous plants such as Arabidopsis. According to the normal process, these plants can begin to bear fruit after about three months. This is of great significance to China's future lunar space station. The self-sufficient ecosystem is one of the necessary conditions for future immigration.

Since the "Apollo Program" of the United States sent humans to the moon, hundreds of lunar probes have been launched in countries around the world for decades. However, there are very few detectors on the moon landing.
For the first time, humans explored the moon on a large scale. The manned moon landing dates back to the 1950s and 1970s. The early lunar probes were hard landings that hit the surface of the moon directly.

A hard landing is no longer a problem, and the United States and the Soviet Union began to compete for soft landings and manned spaceflight.

So far, the United States has counted 11 Apollo plans for a soft landing success, and the former Soviet Union has seven times. If the moon is hit, the total number is more than 50.

This time, the No. 4 is not only an unprecedented soft landing on the moon, but also released a lunar rover, which is unique among all lunar probes. This is the beginning of further unveiling the mysterious moon.

Even the NASA Director of the United States sent a congratulatory message for the first time, saying that this was the first time in human history and a "return to the annals of history."

China's No. 5 plan flies back to the surface from the moon and brings back rocks, soil and other samples from the moon. This will also mean that China's manned mission to the moon is on the agenda.

2018 is the year of space, and 2018 is only the beginning of the era of great space. The gorgeous curtain of 2019 has been taken first by the No. 4.

This year is the 60th anniversary of human exploration of the moon. It is also the 50th anniversary of human beings' first manned moon landing. China's lunar exploration has always embraced the dream of the community of human destiny. All the data, images and materials at the beginning of China's lunar exploration project are open.

Borrowing the words of US President Kennedy: "We chose to land on the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is difficult."

In the future, let us wait and see!

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