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Japanese Industrial Robots Encounter Cold Winter? Japan Media: Since the U.S. Has Provoked Trade War

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-1-23 9:18:45

Yaskawa Electric, one of the world's four largest industrial robot manufacturers, and the backbone of the production of machine tools and industrial robots, have repeatedly lowered their performance in mid-January or reported a decrease in revenue. The two companies agreed that the reason for the failure to meet the standards is that due to the impact of trade wars, Chinese companies have a wait-and-see attitude toward equipment investment. The replacement of human labor by machines is an inevitable development trend. However, both traditional production methods and smart factories in the industrial 4.0 environment require lean and stable manufacturing processes. This is also the unremitting pursuit of SEKO Machinery. Our rotary large-diameter steel tube black annealing equipment has improved the shortcomings of the traditional mesh belt furnace. Once it was launched, it received orders from Jiuli and Wujin.
Corporate revenues indicate a downturn in the market

According to Taiwan media reported on January 19, Yaskawa Electric released its final accounts for September-November 2018 on January 10. Sales were reduced from the original estimate of 498 billion yen to 482 billion yen (-3.2%). It is reduced from 59 billion yen to 53 billion yen (-10.2%). This is also the second reduction since October last year.

According to the report, industrial robots and machine tools are called FA (factory automation) products. The order value and sales status of these products can be used as the leading indicators of investment in manufacturing equipment. In particular, the final settlement period of Yaskawa Electric is in February, and the final settlement period of Fujitsu is in November, which is about half a month earlier than the peers. The industry believes that “the final accounts published by these two companies can be judged. The future direction of stock prices of factory automation related companies."

The sales announced by Fujitsu in the November 2018 final accounts were 252.2 billion yen, which was 2.2 billion yen (+0.88%) more than the original forecast of 250 billion yen. However, in terms of revenue, it fell from the original forecast of 18 billion yen to 15.3 billion yen (-15%).

According to the report, Yaskawa Electric and Fujitsu also agreed that the reason for the failure to meet the standards is that due to the impact of trade wars, Chinese companies have a wait-and-see attitude toward equipment investment.

Wreaked by trade

According to the report, Yaskawa Electric stated that “the time from the start of contact with the actual delivery of the customer has been lengthened”. The chairman of the Board of Directors of Buddhism, Boff, also believes that "the situation of the industrial robot market is not good. Although there are big cases or customers in the negotiations, Chinese companies are generally on the sidelines."

In recent years, the production of industrial robots and machine tools, which are related to factory automation, can be said to be unprecedented. The report pointed out that in the automotive industry, the electronics industry, and electronic foundries, there are a large number of orders on hand. According to the statistics of the Japan Working Machinery Industry Association, the order value of Japanese manufacturers in 2017 reached a record high. The order value of the order in 2018 was 1,815.8 billion yen, and it is estimated that the past record will be updated again. The Japan Robot Industry Association also estimated that the amount of industrial robot orders in Japan in 2018 will exceed 1 trillion yen for the first time.

The report believes that many investors are not optimistic about the future development due to the trade war provoked by the United States, but some people in the industry have different views. Japan's machine tool maker OKUMA president Hua Muyi said that the US market will remain stable on the outlook for the March 2020 period. Yaskawa Electric and OKUMA also believe that the Chinese market and the European market will also grow in 2019.

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