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Suddenly, Countries Worldwild Began to Diss the US Technology Company

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-1-25 10:04:22

This week, a total of four countries began to target guns at major Silicon Valley companies in the United States. Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple, which were once proud and "powerful", seem to be generating a wide-ranging and unprecedented vigilance. With the development of various technologies such as big data and AI, user data security applications are receiving increasing attention. SEKO Machinery's heat exchanger stainless steel welded pipe production line can help manufacturers trace all production data from welding to cutting of each steel pipe for industrial interconnection.
The prevention and vigilance of the US technology giants by various governments is not an ice of the day, but several countries have started at the same time, which is still rare in history.

On Monday, the Russian communications regulator announced that the two companies were sued for failing to comply with the Russian data protection law. In the last five years, Russia has introduced a series of strict Internet regulations.

On the same day, a document issued by the South Korean government's antitrust agency showed that Apple's transfer of advertising costs to mobile operators is abusing market influence. The Korea Fair Trade Commission has been investigating Apple's squeeze operator profit cases.

On this day, the French National Data Protection Council (CNIL) imposed a $57 million fine on Google for allegedly “lack of transparency and lack of effective user consent for personalized advertising”. CNIL inspected Google's European headquarters in Ireland in September and determined that Google's personal information for targeted advertising is too numerous.

In addition, the anti-monopoly agency of the government of the United States said at the end of December 2018 that it had launched anti-monopoly investigations on technology companies such as Facebook and Google.

The Japanese government also compiled a report in December 2018, saying that information technology giants such as Google and Facebook should accept stricter anti-monopoly regulation in Japan to prevent them from abusing market dominance, stifling competition and invading consumer privacy. .

Where is the border of big technology companies?

Silicon Valley has represented advanced technology in innovation, courage and human progress. But in recent years, people’s views on the “production” companies have slowly changed. It is the actions of the technology giants that have led to changes in the perceptions of technology companies by governments and people.

The first thing that aroused the public's resentment was that big technology companies were rich and enemies, but they did not effectively feed back the community.

According to Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute, the top 10 most valuable technology companies currently have 1.5 million employees, compared with a total of 2.2 million employees in 1979.

Employ less people, pay more, and increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

The higher the proportion of Silicon Valley technology giants in the global economy, the median wages of the entire society has stagnated, and the proportion of labor to GDP has also declined. The decline in the share of labor in economic output has a wide-ranging impact, leading to a slowdown in overall economic growth.

The huge influence of Silicon Valley technology companies is also reflected in a series of political events.

The recent event that the tech giants have joined forces to deal with a group is that in 2017 Silicon Valley Technology Inc. joined forces to block the right-wing powers. This thing looks just right, but it is extremely fearful. The EFF (Electronic Sentinel Foundation), which is different from Nazi, published a blog post condemning the recent mute of populists/websites by technology companies. EFF said: The most important thing is that no company has made public explanations. More than a dozen Silicon Valley companies that control the Internet infrastructure can make a sound disappear completely. Their power is beyond the imagination of the world.
When the creed of "doing no evil" has been abandoned, the so-called influence of technology companies in public events has already aroused the vigilance of all walks of life.

Finally, it is an excuse commonly used by governments in the “diss” of Silicon Valley: data security is not compliant and monopolized.

In terms of data security, Facebook, Google, and so on have all the lessons. As for the monopoly, who has more market voice than the Silicon Valley giant?

When the US technology company expanded globally, it also followed the "US priority principle", undermined the local innovation environment of other countries, and tried to evade taxes.

In Europe without walls, the Internet market has been captured by Facebook, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, and Apple. Europe has become a dumping market for products and services of these giant companies.

In Australia and Japan, where technology giants are absent, the regulation of US technology giants is even more urgent.

In the foreseeable future, large technology companies in the United States will be subject to more doubts and regulations. Because AI technology is attacking the city, the technology giant will use the monopoly advantage to further expand and subvert the service economy, including transportation, medical, and retail industries.

At that time, governments only thought of supervising these giants, maybe it was already late...

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