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What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean to Defeat Esports Masters?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-1-27 10:06:17

Following Google's "Human-Machine Wars" successfully defeated the top human masters of Go, Google's artificial intelligence technology company "deep thinking" artificial intelligence program "Alpha Star", and human professional players in the classic real-time strategic computer game "StarCraft 2" In the battle, an overwhelming victory was achieved. Seko Machinery is also considering introducing an AI system for our high-end industrial stainless steel welded pipe production line, seeking to be able to flexibly solve the technical problems of pipe welding and improve the quality of welding.
According to the "Deep Thinking" company, since December last year, the "Alpha Star" artificial intelligence program developed by the company has held 11 games with high-level human professional players. In this series of "human-machine wars", the artificial intelligence program eventually defeated human players by 10 to 1. Only in the live game held on January 24th, "Alpha Star" was limited by the game, and the human players barely won the next game.

David Silver, head of joint research and development at Deep Thinking, pointed out after the game: "Although there is still a lot of work to be done, I hope that in the future, when people look back today, they will regard this result as artificial intelligence. The ability of the system has taken another step forward."

According to reports, all the pieces on the chess board are different to each other. In this type of game, there is a "fog of war". One party needs to guess and reconcile the other party's actions, which belongs to the "imperfect information game" and requires artificial intelligence to be made in real time. Reaction, which requires more artificial intelligence.

The "deep thinking" company said that before the "Alpha Star", there was no artificial intelligence system that could match the skills of human pros in StarCraft II. An important basis for the "Alpha Star" to win a big victory in this "human-machine war" is that it uses a deep neural network. Researchers use the game's raw data to train directly by supervising learning and intensive learning. In order to imitate the learning ideas, let the model quickly learn the strategies and operations of high-level human players in the game.

In addition, there is a concept of "hand speed" in games such as "StarCraft 2", which is measured by APM (number of instructions per minute). In the benchmark test, "Alpha Star" can execute about 280 operating instructions per minute. Although it is much lower than the human professional player, its action is more precise and helps to win in the game.

What can you bring to the development of artificial intelligence by winning Go and winning computer games? The “deep thinking” research team believes that the advanced methods of training “Alpha Star” and the advanced architecture of algorithms will help researchers to accumulate more experience and ultimately design artificial intelligence programs that can cope with many complex problems in real life. Such as weather forecasting, climate model calculations, and language understanding.

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