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South Korea Began to Provide 5G High-tech experience, But the Results Were Disappointing!

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-7 9:53:06

Recently, South Korea and the United States are struggling to compete for the world's first 5G network title. With South Korea opening its 5G network, Samsung's Galaxy s105g became the world's first commercial smartphone with built-in fifth-generation technology, but in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, consumers seem to have little enthusiasm for this experience. In a branch of the telecom giant SK telecom, the staff behind the counter said that only one reporter had the intention to participate in the purchase of this Samsung mobile phone. Other users may be waiting for the technology to mature. A quick test in the store confirmed that, as advertised, 5G is faster than 4G, about four times that of 4G. Use an app to measure network speed - three times the measurement speed - the Galaxy s105g has a network speed of 193 mb/s, while the 4G 2018 Galaxy S9 uses a network speed of 47 mb/s. Any new technology and new equipment will need to be debugged for a period of time, so that the technology can be matured and put into use on a large scale. SEKO Machinery's energy-saving stainless steel welded pipe flattening equipment driven by servo motor has been officially put into the market after repeated debugging, hoping to help customers save costs. The machine is driven by a servo motor, eliminating the need for hydraulic oil, hydraulic stations and cooling systems, reducing the pressure on the plant floor and the cost of operating the equipment.

When downloading a popular 1.9g game, the 4G network completed the task in 6 minutes and 28 seconds. The 5G network only took 1 minute and 51 seconds to do it. This is faster, but it's a far cry from the fact that 5G will be 20 times faster than it is now. Of course, there is also the worst difference experience. The United States said: South Korea's 5G is just a gimmick. When customers go out of the store, this experience has undergone tremendous changes. 5G services are often interrupted. When you walk around Seoul, the phone will switch to show that it has access to the 4G network, as long as you are on the machine, it will be in 4G for more than 30% of the time. On the steps leading to the subway station, it is difficult to find the 5G signal. Underground, the phone will repeatedly switch network status. It can be said that the results of the experience are very disappointing.

In general, outdoor networks are faster. Speed is measured again in front of the same municipal office, with an average speed of 430 megabits per second for 5G. SK Telecom said it will increase the network speed to 2,700 megabytes in 2019 and 7,000 megabytes in 2020. Korea Telecom said it hopes that by the end of 2019, 10% of smartphone users will use 5G. With 5G, users are expected to download a two-hour movie in three seconds, but now it takes only five minutes. But this is a far cry from the 5G service launched in South Korea last Friday. Analysts said that because the 5G network is in a transitional period, it will take time to judge how strong and stable it is. The problem is that high-speed networks are under construction, but they are not yet completed and lack stability. In addition, they share infrastructure with the 4G Long Term Evolution network.

James King, a researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, said that unless an independent 5G network is implemented nationwide in Korea, we cannot fully realize its true functionality. Due to the lack of nationwide service, LG Uplus had to show the possibility of 5G instead of providing a real 5G experience in a pop-up shop in Gangnam, South Seoul. The nine-member Korean pop group Nature provides customers with a pre-recorded virtual reality concert. A spokesperson for LG Uplus said: South Korea needs a base station to provide real-time virtual reality services to many people in the same location.

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