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After the 5G Evaluation of South Korea and the United States, How does 5G Go?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-8 10:25:24

The long-awaited 5G commercial operation in the world is finally on the road. Last week, South Korea and the United States "opened" 5G networks successively, successfully attracting the attention of the whole world. However, the subsequent actual use and evaluation found that the current 5G is still only in the stage of looking very good. Even so, the director of the Information Consumption Alliance, Xiang Ligang, told the Global Times reporter that the entire industry is gradually developing from the point of view. Any new technology needs a development process from emergence to maturity. In order to meet the requirements of customers' speed-up, SEKO Machinery is equipped with an electromagnetic control system for high-speed precision stainless steel welded pipe production lines, which stabilizes the arc and improves the welding quality and efficiency.
At 23:00 local time on the 3rd, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology and the three major telecom operators officially launched 5G mobile communication services, and the major operators first entered the network for their first batch of 5G mobile phone users. And US telecom operator Verizon announced at 10:55 pm on the 3rd, the deployment of "5G ultra-broadband network" in the core of the city of Chicago and Minneapolis a week earlier, is the world's first to match Commercial 5G mobile service for 5G smartphones.

South Korean officials told Reuters that it was only on the 5th that South Korea would release 5G, but when it was discovered that Verizon was released one week earlier than originally scheduled, the Korean telecom operators all moved and opened nearly an hour earlier than Verizon. 5G.

According to Reuters, South Korea claims to be the world's first commercial 5G country, quickly inciting rebuttals from US telecom operators. Verizon's communications director Kevin King told the Nihon Keizai Shimbun that South Korea urgently brought six social celebrities to form the first batch of 5G mobile phone users, while Korean ordinary users had to wait until April 5 to register for 5G networks. South Korea’s first place is not true, it is a public relations gimmick.

Xiang Ligang believes that the root cause of the US-South Korea competition is the need for market competition. In the case that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has not officially adopted the global unified 5G standard, who will take the lead in 5G commercialization, who will be in the market The first to have a certain influence, who can establish a considerable market appeal in the pursuit of users.

In fact, the experience of the first batch of users of the US and South Korea 5G can be said to be "frustrating." According to the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" report, in a SK Telecom business office in Seoul, South Korea, the reporter used an App to test three times. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G network speed is 193 megabits per second, and the Galaxy S9's 4G network speed released in 2018. It is 47 trillion per second. Although it is a lot faster, it is far from the goal of “5G is 20 times faster than 4G”. And when the user walks out of the store, the 5G service will be frequently disconnected.
Some experts pointed out that the first battle is meaningless to consumers. This is a marketing war, not a real network revolution. "It will take years to make an impact on users."

Xiang Ligang said that the problems of the US and South Korean telecom operators in the 5G trials are obviously "hard" in the basic conditions are not fully equipped. "I think that the mature promotion of 5G must have several basic conditions: the network coverage of key cities must be comprehensive, there must be a variety of 5G mobile phones that are price-friendly, and the other 5G tariffs must be lower than 4G." In the case that these basic conditions are not available, it is obvious that "it is barely running, and anxious."

Xiang Ligang said that China is promoting 5G commercialization according to its own steps, and China's advantages in the 5G industry are also obvious: First, China has the world's most powerful communications equipment manufacturer; China's telecom operators are the most in 4G network construction. Mature, now there are more than 6 million base stations nationwide, which means that once the 5G is promoted on a large scale, China's efficiency will be very high; China has the largest terminal group in the world, and their demand will generate a large number of 5G applications, pushing the whole The rapid development of the industry; many brands in China have launched 5G products, while other countries are currently not launching 5G mobile phones.

For the promotion of global 5G, Xiang Ligang said that the construction and deployment of each link of the entire industrial chain requires time and cost, and it is running smoothly. “China and the world have a lot of news about 5G development every day. In the process, we have not heard the whole industry encounter major setbacks. This shows that the whole industry is gradually developing from the point of view.”

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