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The First Black Hole Photo in Human History Will Be Released Today

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-10 10:13:17

(Chinanews.com) Beijing, April 10th, the "Event Vision Telescope" project of multi-national researchers in the world will release a "creative achievement" today. Public opinion generally believes that this will be the first black hole's photo ever acquired by human beings. The development of science and technology has made human life more convenient and production efficiency higher and higher. SEKO Machinery's large-diameter steel tube rotary black annealing equipment uses roller conveyor and induction coil heating to ensure annealing temperature without causing pipeline deformation, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing cost and area.

As early as 1915, Einstein published the general theory of relativity, which first predicted the existence of black holes. Today, more than 100 years later, human beings are expected to see the black hole for the first time.

The first black hole photo in human history came out today

According to the "Official Vision Telescope" (EHT) project official website, at 9:00 pm EST (21:00 on the 10th Beijing time), in Washington, USA, Shanghai and Taipei, Chile, Santiago, Belgium, Brussels, Denmark, Lingbi and Tokyo, Japan will hold a press conference to release the first major achievement of the "Event Vision Telescope" in English, Chinese, Spanish, Danish and Japanese.

Public opinion generally believes that this will be the first black hole photo ever obtained by humans.

According to reports, on the 10th, some important guests will attend the press conference held by the National Association of Journalists in Washington, USA, including the director of the "Event Vision Telescope" project, and the senior astronomer of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Shepard Dule Mann, the project's important funder, the president of the National Science Foundation, France Cordova.

The National Science Foundation's official website on the home page of the press conference wrote: "The historic announcement about the black hole."

In Shanghai, the EHT project and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will jointly release this major achievement.

Data map: Astronomers capture the process of black holes engulfing stars, which is considered to be the most mysterious and shocking scene in the universe. Data map: Astronomers capture the process of black holes engulfing stars, which is considered to be the most mysterious and shocking scene in the universe.

What is a black hole?

In theory, black holes are a kind of celestial body of Einstein's general theory of relativity. Its supergravity makes it impossible for light to escape its sphere of influence, called the radius of a black hole or called the event horizon.
The term Black Hole was coined in 1968 by American astronomer Wheeler in a report.

But the concept of black holes has long been derived by scientists through mathematical formulas.

For example, in 1796, the French scientist Laplace wrote a passage in his book: If there is a star with the same density as the Earth and 250 times larger than the Sun, the escape velocity of the surface will exceed the speed of light propagation. The star should have been glowing, but looking at the star from a distance, it is absolutely dark, you can't see it.

Regarding the black hole, the French astronomer Luminier also said a paragraph, he said: "The black hole is a kind of wreck after the death of the star, it is the extreme point of gravitational contraction, extreme to almost absurd (referring to some of its properties using existing The knowledge of physics cannot be explained.) But it is the most beautiful celestial body in the universe. Understanding the black hole and being deeply confused will lead us into a deeper new horizon that reveals the profound essence of time, space, light and matter."

In the universe, according to quality astronomers, the black holes in the universe are divided into three categories: constant star quality black holes (tens of times to hundreds of times the sun mass), supermassive black holes (millions of solar mass or more) and medium-quality black holes (in the universe). Between the two).

Does the black hole really exist?
Humans can't see black holes at all. How do you know that black holes are real?

Given that the black hole itself does not illuminate, it will "swallow" the light and it is difficult to detect it directly. Scientists can only use some indirect methods to detect black holes - such as observing accretion disks and jets.

In 1978, Luminé gave the first image of the black hole event horizon. But this is not a real photo, but a computer simulation of the black hole scene using his mathematical knowledge and related techniques and an IBM 7040 punch card computer in the 1960s.

Using computer-generated data, Luminne used a pen and Indian ink to paint a black hole on the film, which was like a human body printer. This ambiguous image shows the scene in which a material in a flat disk that the observer sees close enough to fall into a black hole.

Before the launch of the EHT project, astronomers used various indirect evidence to indicate the existence of black holes. There are three main types of representative evidence: First, the movement of stars and gases reveals traces of black holes. The black hole has strong gravitation, which affects the surrounding stars and gases. Scientists can observe the influence to confirm the existence of the black hole. Second, judge the black hole according to the light emitted by the black hole accumulating substance (equivalent to "eat"). Existence; the third is to see the black hole by seeing the process of black hole growth.

In addition, there are many similar evidences, all of which indicate the existence of black holes.

The photo "flushing" took about two years.

Luminé painted the first image of the black hole incident horizon more than 40 years later, humans will witness the "true" of the black hole for the first time.

In April 2017, the EHT project was launched.

Through the collaboration of the Very Long Baseline Interference Technology (VLBI) and multiple radio astronomy stations around the world, EHT constructs a “virtual” telescope with an aperture equal to the diameter of the Earth – the Event Vision Telescope.

Previously, the project announced that the focus of the "photographing" with this virtual telescope is two black holes, one is the "Sagittarius A*" in the center of the Milky Way, and the other is located in the center of the super-elliptic galaxies code-named M87.

According to media reports, EHT's "eight eyes" are located in the United States, Mexico, Chile, France, Greenland and the South Pole. The eight radio telescopes have single mirrors and telescope arrays. They sprinkle a large net to the selected target, retrieve the massive data, and outline the black hole.

In addition, the EHT project is a major international cooperation program reached by more than 200 researchers worldwide. It is worth mentioning that some domestic institutions including the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also participated in this international cooperation.

According to reports, the "flushing" of black hole photos took about two years.

What is the black hole behind the mysterious veil? The moment when the public expects the answer to be revealed.

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