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7 Years of Asylum Came to An Abrupt End! Assange Was Suddenly Arrested and Detonated

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-12 10:41:29

Seven years after the refuge in the British Embassy in the United Kingdom, WikiPedia founder Assange was suddenly arrested by the British police on the 11th. Prior to this, the Ecuadorian government withdrew the citizenship and political asylum granted to Assange.SEKO Machinery's servo motor driving internal weld bead flattening machine
“The British police entered the Embassy of Ecuador to arrest the founders of WikiPedia!” On the evening of the 11th Beijing time, such a news quickly spread from the UK to the world. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the British police entered the embassy to arrest Assange on the same day under the "invitation" of the Ecuadorian ambassador, because Ecuador has withdrawn its politics on the grounds that Assange repeatedly violated international conventions and the Ecuadorian asylum clause. shelter. At this time, the reason for the British police to arrest him was to "evade the British arrest warrant issued in 2012." Interestingly, after Assange was taken to the police station in central London, the police conducted a "secondary arrest" against him. The British police explained this in a statement that it was "further" arrested on the basis of the US extradition request.

The TV screen shows that when Assange was forcibly dragged out of the embassy gate by six or seven British police officers, he was still gesturing and shouting, but it was difficult to tell the specific content he said. Subsequently, he was forcibly stuffed into a police car that had already waited in front of the door. In the picture, Assange’s hair and beard are pale. In seven years, he was completely trapped in the embassy. Assange looked like a vicissitudes of life. "He looks very bad," some netizens commented.

Assange was subsequently sent to the London District Court for trial. Outside the courtroom, a large number of supporters of Assange shouted the slogan "Return to Assange Freedom". Reporters from all over the world also flocked to the situation and concerned about developments.
Shortly after Assange was arrested, Ecuadorian President Moreno issued a video statement explaining why the government decided to withdraw political asylum to Assange. He said that after Assange interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, Ecuador "has endured the tolerance of Assange." "The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when WikiPedia leaked documents from the Vatican. This publication confirms the suspicion of the world that Assange is still associated with WikiLeaks and is involved in interference with other countries' internal affairs." CNN Invoking Moreno’s words.

The relationship between Assange and Ecuador has deteriorated sharply since 2017. The BBC said that an Ecuadorian official said that Ecuadorian President Moreno was angry that his personal communications were hacked and publicly exposed. Moreno blamed the WikiPedia for information disclosure. Recently, many media outlets in Ecuador have reported allegations of Morino’s overseas corruption, and photos of Moreno’s family have also flowed into social media.

Agence France-Presse said on the 11th that Assange’s hiding in the British Embassy in Ecuador for nearly seven years came to an abrupt end. British Prime Minister Teresa May said on the matter that she welcomes the cooperation of the Ecuadorian government in this incident and said that "no one in the UK can override the law." Former Ecuadorian President Correa accused the current president, Moreno, of being a "traitor."

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