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Will the Astronauts Be Sent to Mars in 2033? US Authoritative Think Tank Research: That's Unfeasible

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-24 10:18:38

The director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Jim Bridenstin, announced earlier this month that he hopes to send astronauts to Mars in 2033. Is such an ambitious plan feasible? A few days ago, according to the SpaceNews website, NASA had commissioned a research on the US Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (STPI), an authoritative think-tank in the US, and the conclusions were cruel: not feasible. Any implementation of the idea needs to be continually tested before it can be implemented. SEKO Machinery servo motor driven weld seam flattening machine has been designed and commissioned for nearly one year from conception to production. The performance has been maximized and finally met with our customers.


The study began in August 2017 and continued until January 2019, eventually forming the "2033 Manned Mars Exploration Mission Assessment Report" and submitted it to the US Congress for reference.

The report believes that NASA's space-based launch system (SLS) launch vehicle and "Orion" spacecraft will be used to build a lunar orbit space station (Gateway), and then the deep space transport will be used to transport astronauts from the lunar space to Mars. The mission road map, even without financial constraints, will not be able to carry out manned Mars exploration missions in 2033. From the technical progress point of view, the earliest feasible time is 2037.

The report pointed out that the technical risk of deep space transshipment ships is a major factor limiting mission time. Key technologies such as life support and propulsion systems require a long test period. If manned Mars exploration is to be carried out in 2033, relevant tests will be carried out in 2022. "This is unlikely." In addition, the overall design of the deep space transshipment spacecraft that began in 2020 is not feasible, as even preliminary studies have not yet begun. Separating from NASA's existing project execution standards to reduce mission time will result in significant technical, time and cost risks.

The report assesses that the total cost of the first manned Mars mission was $120.6 billion. Of this amount, $33.7 billion was spent on the development of the SLS launch vehicle, the Orion spacecraft and related ground systems, and $29.2 billion for the development of deep space transshipment vessels. Since the lunar orbit space station was established through international cooperation, it cost only $6 billion.

Kendra Horn, chairman of the US House Space Subcommittee, wrote in the report's comments that according to the report, it is impossible to send astronauts to Mars in the 1930s according to the current exploration method of the current government. Bridenstin said that in order to get on Mars as soon as possible, it is necessary to speed up the landing on the moon. If it succeeds in landing in 2024, it may land on Mars in 2033.

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