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Avengers 4 Says Goodbye to the Fans

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-4-26 9:24:42

Since the release of "Iron Man" in 2008, the "Marvel Universe" built by more than 20 superhero movies has finally ushered in a curtain call, which has made many fans and fans look forward to it. On Wednesday, the Marvel movie "The Avengers 4: End Game" was released. As of press time, the box office of the film that had only been released for 2 days had reached about 1 billion yuan, and the word of mouth was quite good. For the fans, this episode is full of full marks and tears: "What you want, you can't think of it. It's very shocking and moving." But some viewers suggested that as the final chapter, the film is "less. A little epic temperament.” SEKO Machinery Heat Exchanger Flexible Metal Corrugated Steel Pipe Welding Line
In the upcoming weekends and holidays, the film will undoubtedly usher in a new wave of watching movies.

The box office is hot: Guangzhou has over 120,000 people watching the "zero point field"

Even if the first day of the screening is a working day, the audience’s enthusiasm for the Avengers 4 will not be resisted. According to the movie data released by an agency, the first day of the film box office (excluding the zero point field) surpassed "Speed and Passion 8", refreshing the first day of the box office.

Since the pre-sale, the performance of "Avengers 4" in the Chinese mainland market is open, the film pre-sale results and the zero-point box office both broke the record of the history of the mainland. Among them, a total of 3.25 million people went to the "Avengers Alliance 4" zero point, the number of people in the Guangzhou Cinema Zero was more than 120,000, and the total box office of the Zero Point reached more than 8.7 million.

The film, which was labeled as "the ending", naturally attracted the chasing of a large number of fans. At 0:00 the day before Beijing time, less than 12 hours after the world premiere of the film, the vast majority of Chinese fans stepped into the "Avengers 4" zero-point show, becoming the first in the world to see the film. Audience.

In the early hours of the morning, the theater was very lively. Many of the audience wore clothes and accessories with Marvel's elements, or cosplay became a superhero. As the story continues to unfold, a large number of superheroes have appeared in succession. The long-awaited expectation since last year's "Avengers 3" has finally poured out, so that the screams, cheers and sobs of the movie are intertwined.

The story is deep: say goodbye to the fans

The "Avengers 4" feature film lasts for 181 minutes. There is no traditional end-of-the-line egg. Only the final subtitles make the superhero characters appear in full, introducing the actors who starred in them. In the whole film, several big dramas have a lot of information and a very fast rhythm. Whether it is a huge action scene, a dazzling special effects scene, or an extremely compact plot development, it constantly stimulates the heart of the fans and bombards the entire information. Full of high energy.

But this time, the director Russell Brothers still focused on the literary drama, and made a deep affection, even tragic and goodbye to the movie. For example, the relationship between "Iron Man" and his daughter and "Little Pepper" shows the sensibility and humanity of the superhero.

Secondly, the director Russell Brothers also took care of the feelings of the fans, cross-bone, Jane Foster, Howard Stark, Friga, Carter and other important roles re-emerged, and finally lasted an hour. The climax of the tears rushed to the full score. There are also the original unexpected bridges such as "Evil Wife's emotional recognition of the eagle eye" and "The mouse saved the ant". It is a big surprise. It can be said that as a stage of the assembly of Dacheng, the Avengers League 4" is undoubtedly wonderful, especially for fans.

First wave evaluation: fans' laughing and tears

After the release of "Avengers 4", the first wave scores on major movie sites have also been released, all reaching 9.2 points or more. The first generation of heroes completed the final assembly, and the feelings of the decade made the fans feel mixed and laughed. Some netizens said: "Resonance, moving, reluctance and nostalgia, all the long-lasting emotions have been completely released at this moment." Many netizens expressed their feelings: "Thank you for the Marvel, let my youth have the perfect ending." ""

Compared with the touching literary dramas, there is some controversy about the fighting scenes of the film. Compared with the previous "Avengers 3", the large-scale high-burning action dramas assembled by the "Avengers 4" are mainly concentrated in the latter half. , somewhat rushed, so that some viewers questioned too simple. There are also film critics who believe that "The Avengers 4" lacks the last breath of the epic climax for the epic masterpiece that has emboldened fans for 11 years.

However, some viewers believe that after all, it is a finale, and sentiment is more important. The director has to make too many choices when dealing with it. What's more, the fighting scene is actually very high.

Among the audience interviewed by the reporters, most of them gave the film a high score of 95 or more. They were excited, shocked and moved, and became the most frequently evaluated.

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