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Why Does FedEx Dare to Send the Wrong Address? The Real Reason Deserves to Think About

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-6-3 9:28:38

As everyone knows, Huawei, the Chinese communications giant, has already taken the lead in the world, both in the mobile phone business and in the 5G field. However, because of the strong rise of Huawei, it has attracted the United States' embarrassment to a certain extent, and worried that Huawei's rise will pose a threat to US companies to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to restrain Huawei's development, the United States will not hesitate to issue a ban, prohibiting any A local technology company provides Huawei with relevant technologies and components. Competition among enterprises is inevitable, and competition can lead to better innovation and service. As a manufacturer of innovative, stainless steel welded pipe bright solution annealing furnaces, SEKO Machinery is expected to have a fair and benign competitive environment.
With the continuous fermentation of Huawei's incident, according to relevant media reports, as a US express delivery giant, FedEx will send the express package containing important information to the United States. The news has attracted strong attention from the outside world. Originally, the suppression of a private company in the United States has been very impressive. Therefore, in this context, the incident of misdirected mail is even more surprising.

Of course, for the incident of mishandling mail, FedEx stood up for the first time to clarify that there was no such thing. But the so-called denial is ruthlessly beaten. On May 28, Huawei revealed to the media that FedEx privately transferred two packages of Huawei to the United States and detained two other packages. Fortunately, these four packages have no relevant technical content, and there is already a package that has been signed by Huawei. As for the two parcels sent from Japan, they were transferred to FedEx's US headquarters. However, after the undeniable real situation, FedEx insisted that it was "wrong", is it really so simple? What is the real reason behind it?

Looking at the history of FedEx development, you will find that the courier company is not small. Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx, used to be a member of the US Marine Corps. However, Fred left the army after two years of military service. It is worth mentioning that he During the military service, he won a Silver Star Medal, a Bronze Medal and two Purple Heart Medals. However, after the end of the military service, Fred began to deploy in the express industry and established the current FedEx.

As for the development of FedEx, it is called a miracle by the outside world. Not only did it get a lot of money quickly, but the expansion of the American business community was extremely fast. Also because of the rapid development of FedEx, let the outside world think that this is the development of the US financial capital behind, while others believe that after the development of high-tech companies in the United States, it is necessary to support such a courier company. But personally, people like Fred who have been American soldiers will naturally refuse to cooperate with the United States when necessary. So the relationship between FedEx and the US government is something we can't see.

On the occasion of sanctions against Huawei, the United States has clearly stated that it prohibits any individual from exporting, re-exporting, and transferring enterprises and personal items listed on the entity list without permission. So in this context, even if FedEx says that there is no third-party agency to request a transshipment package, it is undeniable that FedEx's cooperation with the US government exists. In this case, the reason behind it naturally deserves our deep thought.

According to logistics experts, logistics is the blood of a country's economic activities. The main reason is that logistics involves information security and supply chain security. FedEx is a company that specializes in the transmission of electronic devices. Therefore, information security means nothing to a country. No company will know more than FedEx. So this is where its iron rice bowl is. Once the courier incident is related to the U.S. government, the relevant U.S. departments can completely grasp the relevant facts from Huawei’s “missing” to the U.S. express parcel. It is key to data in technology and business, and collects evidence for the subsequent suppression of Huawei.

At the same time, the US government can also take this opportunity to threaten Huawei's supply chain security. Once the express logistics is stuck in the neck, raw materials can't enter, and the products can't go out, then Huawei's service guarantee in the global supply chain will be threatened manually. Even now, FedEx has not stopped its service with Huawei. However, this method of sending the wrong package also makes Huawei feel unsafe. It can be said that whether it is FedEx or the United States, the means can be described as extremely mean.

The incident also explains to a certain extent that we have a weakness in the process of rising, that is, international logistics security. Although Chinese express delivery companies occupy 70% of the market share in international logistics, it is an indisputable fact that Chinese express delivery companies lack sufficient network of overseas warehouses and lack of air transportation capacity. Therefore, strengthening the layout of freight logistics enterprises is what we should do now. If there is no relevant service network, we will be stuck at the critical moment. This is the most worthwhile question behind.

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