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Google Wanna Restore Its Relationship with Huawei, Is It just for Consideration of Security Issues

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-6-12 9:37:06

The "Huawei ban" incident should be regarded as one of the most concerned things this year. From the initial ban to the subsequent postponement, Huawei has suffered various kinds of unequal treatment, but fortunately, Huawei has already responded well. Preparations will enable Huawei to “save risks”. Although the US "suppression" approach to Huawei has caused dissatisfaction among many people, it still cannot change the status quo of Huawei. Only by ensuring the ability to innovate and develop can companies survive in unexpected competition. SEKO Machinery's servo motor drive stainless steel welded pipe flattening equipment stands out in the same category because of its high efficiency and energy saving performance, and has been well received by customers.
Although the United States wants to "restrict" the export of Huawei's 5G equipment, it may even want to "stop" Huawei in the cradle, but this plan does not seem to make good progress. On the contrary, it still appears. Less reversal of the plot.

As one of the local companies in the United States, after Huawei was officially listed as a "blacklist" by the United States, Google took the lead in stopping some of its business with Huawei. Just after Huawei was forced to show the "Hongmeng" trump card, Google’s attitude toward Huawei showed a 180° reversal. It not only restored the upgrade rights of Huawei’s Android Q system, but also tried to save Huawei. Partnership.

For Google's re-opening of the system upgrade authority for Huawei, it can be said that it provides more sufficient R&D time for the research and development of Huawei Hongmeng System. As for Google, it hopes to resume cooperation with Huawei, although the explanation given by Google is Considering the "security issue", it hopes to continue to cooperate with Huawei to reduce the corresponding risks, so as to better protect the equipment security of US users. But is Google really just trying to continue to work with Huawei in order to ensure the security of US users' equipment? Maybe not.

First of all, from the information given by Huawei, what the Android system can do, the Hongmeng system can almost do it, and even some things that the Android system can't do, the Hongmeng system can still be realized, as to whether it can be very A good implementation has not yet been known, but from Google’s attempt to restore its partnership with Huawei, it seems that it is enough to prove that the Hongmeng system will have a certain degree of impact on Google once it comes out.

As for the impact of the official appearance of the Hongmeng system on Google, Xiaobian feels that it may affect the market that Android currently monopolizes, and may also affect the "hegemony" status of Android. Everyone may wish to think about it. Once the Hongmeng system is officially on the right track, it will inevitably lead many users to “abandon the investment in the investment” and be robbed of the market share. It may even be overtaken by Hongmeng, thus losing the “overlord”. s position. So it is not difficult to see that Google’s real intention to resume cooperation with Huawei may be to defend its market and dominance.

But this is only a guess, so it does not rule out that Google is indeed considered for "security issues." To say that Google is more inclined to consider "security issues", or prefer its own market and status considerations, Xiaobian feels more inclined to the latter. After all, Hongmeng system has not yet formed, so it will not be at this stage. Equipment security for US users is affected.

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