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Canadian Rubbish Stayed in the Philippines for 6 Years and Was Eventually Shipped Back to Canada

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-7-1 9:51:06

Between 2013 and 2014, a batch of garbage that was mistaken for recyclable plastic was shipped from Canada to the Philippines, which triggered a diplomatic dispute between Garfield. Six years later, the rubbish was eventually shipped back to Canada.

According to a Reuters report on June 30, a local container ship carrying 69 boxes of garbage was transported back to the Greater Vancouver area on the west coast of Canada on the 29th. Canada's Global Terminals Canada said in a statement that the containerized Anna Maersk container was docked at the Tsawwassen terminal in Canada. Sustainability will be a problem that enterprises all over the world should consider in the future. In addition to pursuing sustainable development of profits, we must also take into account the negative impact of human production activities on the environment. With SEKO Machinery's energy-saving stainless steel welded tube bright solid solution furnace, it does not need to be pickled after annealing, nor does it produce harmful gases to the atmosphere. It is very environmentally friendly.
Vancouver city spokeswoman Sarah Luck said the waste would be sent to a waste-to-energy conversion station in Burnaby for incineration, but she added that the plan is "time uncertain." "The agency may not receive this garbage on weekends."

According to previous media reports, between 2013 and 2014, a Canadian company exported 103 containers containing allegedly “recyclable plastics” to the Philippines, of which 34 were processed. However, after inspection by the Philippine Customs, another 69 containers contained a large amount of electronic product waste and kitchen garbage. The Philippines accused Canada of violating the Basel Convention, exporting and transferring hazardous waste to the Philippines, and repeatedly urged Canada to return the waste.

At the end of April, Philippine President Duterte once again urged Canada to return the garbage as soon as possible, and set May 15 as the "deadline." However, the Canadian government has not taken any substantive action on the grounds that “the legal process is relatively time-consuming”. On May 16, the Philippines announced the recall of the diplomatic envoys in Canada, and the "junk disputes" between the two sides intensified. On May 20th, the Philippine civil servant Salvador Medialdea ordered the Philippine ministers, heads of state, state-owned holding companies and government financial institutions to no longer issue travel permits to Canada, and asked government officials. Reduce official interaction with the Canadian government. Under heavy pressure, the Canadian government finally accelerated its progress and agreed to return the garbage as soon as possible and bear the corresponding expenses.

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