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How to improve the welding seam quality while increasing the TIG welding speed by 30%?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-7-3 9:37:17

In the field of industrial stainless steel welding, in order to obtain high quality weld quality. The most mature process at present is argon arc welding (TIG). In the automatic welding, our TIG welding method, when the welding speed is increased, because the arc is in a free state, the arc will drag forward with the forward direction of the steel pipe (commonly known as dragging the arc), the faster the speed, the more obvious the drag. This situation can cause the arc to not be strong, resulting in insufficient penetration. As shown in Figure 1, there will be a problem of “biting” on both sides and inside of the weld, and there is a “hump” problem inside and outside the weld. Even if the weld is polished and polished, the quality of the weld obtained is not ideal, especially for industrial welded pipes and sanitary pipes. When the welded pipe with the "biting edge" problem is not smooth, it will cause residual liquid, corrode the steel pipe, and cause stress corrosion. Secondly, in order to obtain a smooth weld, the manufacturer can only have to perform multiple polishing and repeated grinding, resulting in a lack of weight of the finished product. In the long run, it is not conducive to cost control and profit growth. Therefore, in the field of industrial welded pipes, in order to obtain high-quality welds, only the welding speed can be reduced and the welding quality can be ensured.
In order to improve the efficiency of the production line and obtain good weld quality, SEKO Machinery introduced a product to solve this problem in 2019. In order to solve the above problems, a longitudinal electromagnetic field of adjustable size can be added in the middle of the arc, and the arc can be applied by electromagnetic force. Stable in the middle or pushed forward, with electromagnetic stability, the arc will not swing backwards or left and right, and the problems of “biting” and “hump” will not occur. It can improve production efficiency and ensure quality (as shown in Figure 2). After repeated trials, the result of “increasing the speed by 20-30%” was verified in actual use. In order to adapt to different welding currents and production speeds, we designed it to adjust the electromagnetic force to meet the needs of more stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers.

We are regularly returning to our customers in the pursuit of product quality and the philosophy of serving our customers. Each customer is full of praise for our newly developed electromagnetic control system. We asked these customers for the welded pipe made by the production line of the electromagnetic control system and the welded pipe made by the ordinary production line, and sent it to the laboratory for comparison test. The following is the metallographic phase of the 35*1.2mm pipe at a welding speed of 3.5 m/min. Obviously, the welded pipe produced by the production line equipped with the electromagnetic control system (as shown in Fig. 3), whether it is the outer weld or the inner weld, is significantly narrower than the finished product of the ordinary production line (as shown in Fig. 4). Moreover, the weld bead structure becomes more uniform and detailed, and is closer to the base metal. This makes post-secondary processing easier and reduces consumables.

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