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Teammates Were Exposed to Medication. Horton Didn't Dare to Say Anything

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-7-29 9:33:03

On the evening of the 27th, Australian swimmer Shah Jack was exposed to suspected stimulants. After that, the focus of the world was on her teammate, Mark Horton. Do not forget the initial heart, do your own job, you can continue to make progress. This is also what SEKO Machinery has always believed. Just like our online thermal insulation stainless steel welded pipe bright annealing equipment, it is always counterfeited by competitors, but performance and other aspects have never reached our height.
This afternoon, the reporter of the Australian media ABC News finally found Horton and asked him what he thought about the matter. However, Horton kept saying nothing and caused the scene to be very embarrassing.

The reporter asked: I want to know, do you have anything to say about the dispute with Sha Jack?

Horton didn't answer, turning his head and teammates to smile at each other.

The reporter continued to ask: Do you regret your actions on the podium now? Do you agree with her or condemn her behavior?

Probably I don't know how to deal with it. Horton simply turned around and hid behind his teammates.

The reporter continued to ask questions without hesitation: Mark, what do you want to say? Any ideas? If you know this, would you make something different from the original?

Horton insisted on not speaking, and took the bus with his teammates.

Capitalnews noticed that not only Holden, the Australian team almost collectively slammed, except for the female player Kate Campbell, who refused to be interviewed.

At noon today, the People’s Daily published a comment on the matter, pointing out that “illegal drugs are the public enemy of the sports world”.

The comment pointed out that the teammate Sha Jak was positive for the drug test, and the Australian team almost collectively gargleed. There was no previous outrage, and there was no hatred. Get used to the "flashlight", the most should be according to yourself, according to teammates. The illicit drug is a public enemy in the sports world. If the high-voltage line is not respected, the swimming pool will not be clean. The incident is still under investigation, respecting the procedures, and abandoning the "double standards" in order to truly clean up the pool pollution.

News review

During the Gwangju World Championships in South Korea, at the awarding ceremony after the end of the 400-meter finals, Horton, who was runner-up, refused to take the stage to shake hands with the champion Sun Yang and took a group photo, which caused widespread concern.

Horton’s reason is to question Sun Yang’s failure to cooperate with doping tests last year.

Regarding the relevant doubts, FINA has determined that Sun Yang did not violate the doping regulations after the investigation, but the World Anti-Doping Agency has not yet finalized the ruling.

On the evening of the 26th, Sun Yang said in an interview: I should not be subject to such insults and slander.

Sun Yang said: "I think I can stick to today, because I have a strong heart. There are so many swimmers in the world, I think it is very difficult for these athletes to influence me. For me, many times I prove that I don't have to pass the "mouth spray" way, I don't need to respond to them one by one. FINA has made it very clear, I have no violations, I am complying with the relevant regulations. I think what I am doing is to protect the rights of every athlete.

If you switch to another athlete, today an undocumented prosecutor will check you, blood samples and urine samples are taken away. If tampering has occurred in the process, there is no chance for reason and reason. My behavior is to defend rights for every athlete.

I think what I said is justified. Every sentence is true and there is no rumor. I think what I am doing now is to protect the rights of each athlete and to protect myself. Because I think that I can persist until now that I should not be insulted and vilified. ”

On the evening of the 27th, the Australian Swimming Association confirmed that the country's female player Sha Jack had a positive result in the off-site doping test on June 26.

According to the Australian Swimming Association, in accordance with relevant regulations, the association temporarily suspended the competition for Sha Jack. The relevant personnel accompanied her to return to Australia from a training camp in Japan. She was therefore absent from the World Swimming Championships unveiled in Gwangju, South Korea on July 12.

"Obviously, the players didn't know the reason for Jack's retirement. It also brought a problem. If Horton first knew that one of his teammates had a positive drug test result, he would make such a big move and public display. His position? He must be very disappointed with the management of the Australian swimming team now."

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