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Indian Prime Minister and Bell Will Survive in the Wilderness

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-7-31 13:28:16

Bell Griers, the man with great viability at the top of the world food chain.

He often invites celebrities to participate in his programs, such as Yao Ming, Obama, O'Neill and so on. The one who traveled with him this time was Indian Prime Minister Modi. Through International Tiger Day, Discovery announced a trailer for a show featuring Indian Prime Minister Modi and Bell's wild adventures.

"India Express" July 29 news, Indian Prime Minister Modi will be at 9 o'clock local time on August 12, local time with Bell appeared in a household name in the wild survival program "Wildness for Life". Bell said that people will see the "unknown side" of the Indian Prime Minister in the global broadcast. He will step into the Indian wilderness to call for awareness of the protection of animals and the environment. Protecting the environment has become one of the problems that human beings must not face and must face up to. SEKO Machinery also attaches great importance to this issue. Our stainless steel automotive exhaust pipe production line is powered by SEKO's exclusive power supply, combined with our own intelligent electronic control system. The actual operating power of the equipment is only about 50% of the theoretical, very environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
The Discovery Channel quoted Modi as saying that this program gave him the opportunity to show India the rich ecological heritage of the world and emphasized the importance of protecting the environment. “I have lived in the forests and mountains of nature for many years. Experience) has a long-term impact in my life."

“I am very interested in participating in this program that has nothing to do with politics and biology. It provides a good opportunity for India to show the world a rich natural environment heritage, and also reminds people of the importance of peaceful coexistence with nature.” Modi In a statement, "It feels great to enter the jungle again. This time, with Bell, he is endowed with the energy to never exhaust and seek the purest side of nature."

CNN reported on the 29th that on the day of the video announcement, the Indian Prime Minister was promoting India's contribution to environmental protection.

According to statistics from the National Tiger Protection Association of India, the number of wild tigers in India has increased by one-third in four years and reached 2,967 in 2018.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the world's only 4,000 are less than wild tigers, most of them in India, a country where hunting tigers can lead to jail.

Modi believes that such results show that India is one of the safest and largest habitats for wild tigers. “The number of wild tigers just announced will make every Indian and every person who loves nature happy.”

In addition, he also said that while India continues to build infrastructure, the area covered by forests and the number of protected areas are also increasing.

At present, the number of ecological protected areas in India has increased from 692 in 2014 to 860.

The Indian Forest Survey shows that between 2015 and 2017, India's forest cover increased by 6,778 square kilometers.

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