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How to Eliminate the Intergranular Stress of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe?

Source:Iris Liang Time:2019-8-2 8:45:07

Up to the aerospace satellite's aluminum alloy steel frame, down to a small screw, any one of the produced workpieces will generate stress. How to deal with the workpiece stress quickly and environmentally is a headache for all companies related to the word "mechanical". problem. All companies associated with the word "mechanical" need to face the problem of eliminating workpiece stress.

Companies that are related to "mechanical" may use it.

Any one of the produced workpieces will generate stress, which is derived from the workpiece itself. For example, if the iron piece is left for a long time, it will produce bending deformation, which is the change of stress on the workpiece. Once the workpiece is deformed, it will affect the accuracy of use. This problem must be solved by eliminating stress, especially those that have to be transported over long distances and used in military and aerospace applications.

There are about four ways to eliminate stress in the global related field.

One is natural aging, which relies on natural placement to eliminate stress. This method takes too long and is difficult to adapt to modern technology and production needs;

The second is the most traditional and currently the most popular method - thermal aging method, put the workpiece into the heat aging furnace for heat treatment, slowly eliminate stress. The disadvantages of this method are also very significant. This method also brings a lot of pollution and energy consumption. With the further requirements for environmental protection in China and around the world, the treatment of the heat aging furnace is immediately facing a full exit. Using SEKO Machinery's high-efficiency online stainless steel welded tube bright solution annealing furnace can completely avoid the above shortcomings. We use thermal induction heating technology, no need to preheat, after starting the equipment, it only takes 10 seconds to reach the target temperature. The soft water used in the cooling system is recyclable. The nitrogen and hydrogen used in the annealing process are also converted into gases that are harmless to atmospheric components via the exhaust gas combustion system.
The third method - the use of sub-resonance to eliminate stress, although this method solves the environmental problems of thermal aging, but it is quite cumbersome to use, it is necessary to prepare different aging processes for different shapes of workpieces, if there are hundreds of thousands The workpiece has to be programmed with hundreds of thousands of processes, and the operation is quite complicated at the time of production, and the operator needs to determine the processing parameters. The complex workpiece must be operated by a skilled professional technician. What is more regrettable is that this method can only eliminate 23% of the workpiece stress and can not achieve the purpose of processing all the workpieces.

The fourth method currently known is vibration aging to eliminate stress, which is mechanically assembled to form a complete set of stress relief equipment, which can achieve the stress relief effect in a short time, covering all workpieces that need to be relieved of stress. It is better to eliminate the stress of the workpiece by spectrum analysis with five frequencies in a multi-vibration type. The workpieces of all shapes and sizes can be completed by using this equipment. The vibration is clamped on the workpiece to vibrate. effect. Compared to other methods. For example, about 15 tons of hot aging furnaces, most of which use electricity or natural gas, are opened once a day, the cost of aging is more than 3,000 yuan, calculated by using 300 days per year, and the cost of electricity or natural gas is only 900,000 yuan per year. Because urban environmental protection problems are becoming more and more serious, the heat aging furnaces are far away from the urban area, and the transportation cost and time cost are also calculated.

Stress relief heat treatment

Stress Relieving refers to heat treatment performed to eliminate stress.

Stress removal, annealing Casting, forging, and weldments generate internal stresses due to different cooling rates at various locations during cooling. Metals and alloys also generate internal stresses during cold deformation and during workpiece machining. If the internal stress is large and not removed in time, the workpiece often deforms or even forms cracks. Stress relief annealing is to slowly heat the workpiece to a lower temperature (for example, gray cast iron is 500 ~ 550 ° C, steel is 500 ~ 650 ° C), holding for a period of time, the metal inside relax, and then slowly cooled down. It should be noted that the stress relief annealing does not completely remove the internal stress, but only partially removes it, thereby eliminating its harmful effects.

Source "Aviation Precision Manufacturing Technology" - 2007, Volume 43, 1st, -62-62

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